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娜達女士 Lady Nada (Mary Magdalene) 據說是耶穌的靈魂雙生火焰。她已接管第六道光束,是寶瓶世紀的主導光束。在這道光束下,娜達女士激發古老治療智慧技術的記億,並喚醒神聖的知識。她幫助擁有高度正直的人,去發展直覺與更高的超心靈能量。http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lady_Master_Nada

A Christmas message- LADY NADA
December, 2010

The joys of the season behold thee and you on earth who subscribe to Christianity prepare to celebrate the birth of your beloved Christ. Such celebration though promulgated through genuine intent is indeed a fictitious conjure of man based on false information fed to him for many aeons.

Regardless of this beloveds, the season has lost its focus as most view it as a celebration of matter rather than spirit. They have cultivated the celebration rather than allow the true meaning to influence their minds and hearts and direct their actions. There is the joy which will abound the hearts of many who have a genuine love for the Father notwithstanding that they have been misled and mist aught the true reason for Christ's bestowal on earth. Yet their journey has been based predominantly on mistruths and half truths. . Man's mind remains at this time clouded in the dense fog of misinformation.
不管這些了,摯愛的人們,這個節日已經失去了它的目的,因為大多數人把它當成一個慶祝的日子而不是靈性的節日。他們灌輸了慶祝而不是允許真實的意義來影響他們的心靈與思想,來指導他們的行動。 喜悅充盈於許多對天父有著真正熱愛的人的心房,然而他們被誤導了,不知道基督在地球上殉道的真正原因。他們的旅程被假的真理和半真理主導了。 人類的精神仍舊停留在錯誤信息的迷霧中。

The celestial news however, is that this season of earthly celebration should in fact be treated as a celebration of change. This is the Season of change which is upon you now. The change I speak of is a turn over from darkness to light and correction of lies to truth. This is the season when truth shall be awakened in the souls of men that they may turn to their light in a knowing way. Truth will bloom in the light of day as the dark forces diminish in strength and existence.
然而重大的消息是,這個時節世間的慶祝事實上應被看做一個轉變的慶祝。這是一個“轉變的時節”,現在正在發生。 我說的轉變是從黑暗轉向光明,把謊言校正為真理。 這是一個真理將在人的靈魂中被喚醒、他們將會以知曉的方式轉向光明的時節。真理會在日光中綻放,而黑暗力量會逐漸減弱並消失。

There is great cause for rejoicing in these times dear ones as the Father has this time bestowed the rank of freedom not only for the earth but also for his children. The very hand of freedom sweetly sweeps upon the sombre plains of your plane of existence. The sweeping up is well under way and when all is cleared to the Father's satisfaction then you little ones will see clearly again your way.
有巨大的理由來在這些時候歡慶,親愛的人們,因為天父不僅在此時賦予地球自由,同時也給與他的孩子們自由。自由之手溫柔地撫過你們存在星球的陰沉的原野。 清理正在進行,當這一切清理到天父滿意為止時,你們小人兒們會再次清楚的看到你們的路。

Let this Christmas season be filled with the echo of freedom for this will be His gift to you. I ask that you free yourselves during this time of all and anything which has inhibited your growth; for to taste the freedom that is at hand requires you to be free within.

The experience will be grander and more meaningful when you are able even in the now to say I AM FREE. Freedom comes from within. It is a state of mind cultured by the measure of your God connected self. It cannot be attained from the realms of matter. Even if bestowed upon you, your ability to enjoy it will depend on the level you have been able to emancipate yourself of the dark elements within, whatever their nature
當你能甚至現在就說我自由了的時候,你的經歷會更加盛大與富有意義。自由來自於內在。 這是一種精神的狀態,它被你的與上帝連接的自己(思維矯正者)的判斷所教養。 它無法從物質領域獲得。 即使自由賦予你,你享受它的能力將取決於你能從內在的黑暗因素(無論什麽本質)中釋放你自己的水平。

It is for you beloveds to free yourselves of the inner clutter which causes disharmony and imbalance so that you could enjoy the Father's bestowal upon you. The light of heaven is very much shining this day on the earth as she is being prepared now for her long awaited freedom. What a happy day this is in our realms dear ones, for what I see for you is magnificent – the accomplishment of the Father's will for you His little ones. Dawning is so close . You are in the midst of it and cannot truly comprehend the measure of what has already taken place and is taking place currently. The fruits you shall witness with your very eyes. You shall not be left in doubt. Prepare to be elated for this freedom will be like none you have ever known in this incarnation.
是你們,親愛的,來把你們自己從內在的凌亂中解放出來,這種凌亂導致了不和諧與不平衡,如此你們無法分享天父賜予你們的。天堂之光現在正在地球顯現,因為她(地球)正準備著她長期等待的自由。 這在我們天界是多麽高興的一天,因為我為你們所看到的是多麽壯觀-天父意願為你們而實現。 黎明很近了。 你們正在其中,不能真正領會到所採取的措施以及現在正在發生的。 你們將會親眼見證你們的成果。你們不會停留在疑惑中。 準備好為自由而歡呼,因為自由是你們這次轉世以來從未見過的。

Hold on beloveds for the ride is going to get very interesting in the days to come as you witness the hand of God clean and renew and the voice of God speak.

This is my message to you that you may understand that the garment of Freedom is already being placed upon thee.

Forgive me little ones for not wishing you a Happy or Merry Christmas for I desire to keep these times real. The happiness you shall experience will be the wave of relief you experience as Freedom finally hits the shores and not from the festive creations of man during the end of what is an epoch rather that 1 year in your counting.

May your hearts be filled with merriment as this knowledge seeds through to your very being.
I AM NADA and I say that the jewel of Freedom, your greatest blessing has been released.

I bid you tidings of joy at this declaration.



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