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SaLuSa  2-January-2012

We hear you saying "at last" as you commence this year that is divinely bringing the cycle of duality to a completion. There are a whole mix of expectations as people look for signs that it will fulfill their own particular vision. The dark had planned to cause events that would have confirmed the Apocalypse, by fulfilling the ages old prophesies. However, with the loss of their power bases it is no longer possible, and the path to Ascension is to pass without great tragedies or destruction on a world wide scale . With the acceptance of our plan for your release from the controls of the dark Ones, as time passes your levels of consciousness will grow and come more into harmony. Much will clearly have to change, and the period to the end of the year will be clearly outlined by us. We want everyone to become aware of what is happening and the reason for it, and it will not be too long before we have to start giving out information.

We know that it is equally important that all souls are informed of their future options, and great care will be taken to assure those who desire to remain in this present dimension, that they will receive as much care as anyone else. Even those who are of the last cabal, will ultimately receive every opportunity to follow a new path to their eventual salvation. God Is All Love, and makes no distinction between one soul to another when it comes to the sharing of All That Is. Throughout the Cycle of Duality you have fully exercised your God given freewill, and your choice is honored at all times with the provision that you learn from the consequences. Your experiences are most vital to your spiritual evolution, and there is no place like the Earth that offers you a better chance to progress. It is a hard and at times an unrewarding experience, that nevertheless speeds up your progress and makes you suited to pass it on to others on a similar path. Bear in mind that all experience is of value, and your intent is to follow a certain path of service to others.
我們知道同樣重要的事情就是,所有的靈魂被很好的告知他們未來的選擇,對於那些依舊希望停留在當前維度的人來說將會得到巨大的關懷,他們也將接收到和其他人一樣的關愛。甚至對那些黑暗勢力的最後殘餘分子也是如此,將最終得到每個機會去跟隨一條新的道路,以進化他們的靈性層次。造物主是全然的愛,在靈魂之間不會有任何的差別心,而是分享祂全然所是的本質。縱覽二元性的體驗,你們已經完全的體驗了造物主賜予你的自由意志,你的選擇一直被予以尊重,在任何時刻都是如此,但是規定就是你必須學會自己行為所導致的結果。你們的體驗對你自己的靈魂進化是至關重要的,再沒有其他地方可以像地球這樣提供給你這樣的機會去成長。它確實是困難的,有時候顯得是毫無報酬的體驗,儘管如此,它依舊加速著你們發展的速度,以適合於你的方式,以相似的方式完成它並進入其他的體驗中。請記住,所有的體驗都是有價值的, 而你們的意圖將轉變成去服務於他人。

The fact that very few of you are able to recall your past lives, means that you proceed based on a great deal of trust. You have always been promised that at the end of duality, you would be helped to return to the higher realms from whence you came. However, some souls have not progressed as quickly as others, and do not feel ready to take a quantum leap forward as will many others. That presents no problem, and by their choice will move to a similar dimension where they can continue their experiences. No soul is abandoned or as some believe damned by God. All tr​​avel their paths with the guidance of many higher souls, who are always ready to help and give advice. It does however help immensely if souls acknowledge their presence and " talk" with them. "Ask and you shall receive is based on truth", but do not expect to get exactly what you decide you want, as sometimes your Guides would rather give what is in your best interest. The timing is also important, and you need to be in a suitable period when it will work for you. Have faith in the outcome by accepting that you do not necessarily know what is best for you.
而事實上,你們中很少人能夠回憶起過去的人世經歷,這就意味著你們的進展是建立在巨大的信任基礎上的。你們總是被承諾著二元性世界的結束,你會得到幫助,回歸到更高的維度中,那才是你真實的家園。但是,一些靈魂不像其他人那樣進展順利,還沒有覺得自己準備好了去取得一個量子跳躍的方式進化自己,就像許多其他人那樣。這都沒有問題,通過他們自由的意志選擇,在一個相似的維度他們將繼續自己的體驗。沒有哪個靈魂會被遺棄或者被造物主詛咒。他們所有的旅程都伴隨著許多更高層次靈魂的指引,這些靈魂一直準備著去幫助並且提供建議。如果這些靈魂接受他們的存在並且願意與他們“交談”就會得到很大的裨益。 『詢問並且在真相的基礎上接收它』,而不是盲目的期待得到你所希望的答案,因為有時候你的指導靈會寧願採取最能利益於你的方式提供建議。然而時機也是非常重要的,你需要處於一個適當的時期,那麼它就會起作用。要對你接受的結果有信心,因為你並不知道什麼事情才是對你最好的,但是他們知道。

Now so many of you are awakened to the truth of self and your purpose in life, this year should give you so much satisfaction as you will know the path that you need to tread. In the knowing you will also release any fear that you may still have held within, as you can no longer be distracted by efforts to mislead you. With the inevitable contact with us that is not far away, you will understand that the Galactic Federation is one that is made up of advanced civilizations that have already ascended . We are at present far more advanced than you will be by the end of the year, but you will have made immense progress. We will lift you up stage by stage very quickly, whilst you who have turned to the Light will be given every help to reach new levels of consciousness. This will all be quite normal and necessary to bring you up to one that aligns it with your true potential as Galactic Beings.

Life as you have experienced it on Earth was never going to be a permanent condition, but simply a step up to enable you to take the next one to Ascension. Your real home is in the higher dimensions, and you are about to take the first step that will return you to it. This is where we come in, and you are assured of a happy conclusion to this cycle. Certain events resulting from Mother Earth's need to carry out her own cleansing will result in upheaval, but we will be there with you to minimize the affects. Between us all, the final year will not be anywhere near as cataclysmic as some have prophesied. However, as we have intimated previously, still be cautious if you live in areas prone to earthquake activity. If there is any real danger we will give out warnings, but we cannot stop the physical changes that are necessary to help return your Earth to its original pristine condition.

As you have been informed by other sources already, in some areas where activity may be more severe our Dear friends who are also your ancestors of the Inner Earth will give you a safe haven. The Lemurians and the Atlanteans were both civilizations that nearly all of you would have had lifetimes with, and both ended with almost complete destruction. The Lemurians that were forewarned of the impending disaster like the Atlanteans emigrated to survive, but the Lemurians went underground where they built beautiful cities. They will come up again to make themselves known to you, but not until it is safe to do so. You have much to learn about your ancestors, and other life forms that live within the Earth. The knowledge has been kept back from you, as has much else that will soon be made known to you. Proof of these connections lies hidden in the Vatican secret archives, but it will be revealed in good time. Your whole history going back thousands of years is quite different to that which you have been led to believe, and will be correctly laid before you.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and share your excitement at the beginning of year 2012, and all it promises to be. It is the year of completion and many have yet to grasp the full meaning of it. We wish you all the fulfillment of what you wish for yourselves, and may it bring you Love and Light.

Thank you SaLuSa.
Mike Quinsey.
Website: Tree of the Golden Light

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