【哈托爾】2012年3月信息《視覺化人類的體驗,和高緯度存有的聯繫,人類原始的身體模板》 (2)


The Hathors of Earths Solar Astral Planes: Human Visualization Abilities, Contact with Ascended Beings and the Original Physical Templates for Mankind

Channeler: Wes Annac
Mar 13, 2012



We have noticed that many of you bide up your fears, worries and concerns, and make them your worst enemies and the things to most reject and attempt to keep oneself away from. Unfortunately, to do so is to hide from parts of yourselves that have simply needed to be exposed to you , so that you could realize them for their true nature and transmute their fearful, heavy or otherwise energies at their and your very core. This dear souls, is the process of integration and transmutation.

You have heard many times through terrestrial or otherwise sources of the integrating and transmuting of heavy and dense energies, and as Earth has been cleansed at Her very core and ascended or rather remembered back to Her beautiful fifth dimensional form, the violence and fear that has existed on Her surface is being exposed to you all who have fed such violence and fear for centuries, through your own inner- fears and hates that you have kept yourselves close to while at the same time, distancing yourselves away from at your surface.

If only if could be fully communicated to you how your systems of behavior and modes of belief and perception actually do manifest not only what happens in your Life, but what happens in the Lives of others through the choices you make. Of course it is known that an unkind act toward someone may hurt their feelings, but is it quite known that an unkind act toward someone can make them manifest difficulties in their own Life as a result of the unhappy feelings such an unkind act would cause?

Of course, karma comes into play in such a scenario, and the soul who would have caused the distress in the first place would certainly experience the proper karmic alleviation through possibly difficult or otherwise stress-producing events which will manifest in their Lives.

Detachment is becoming the name of the game so to speak for many at this time, and as you have heard before detachment does not signify a lack of Love.

Detachment lets oneself and those around oneself know that despite what happens during one’s surface experience which in nearly every case is Created by the very soul in question, such perceived lower energies will not get one down or bring their complexes out of balance. Balance is exactly what is needed at this time dear souls, which is why detachment is required in many cases.

Do not get us wrong dear souls, you do not need to slip into selfish modes of behavior while under the guise of being ‘detached’ but you also do not have to strain yourselves in an effort to make those around you happy all of the time.
請不要誤解我們的話,親愛的靈魂們,在引導自己"脫離"的過程中,你們不需要陷入自我的行為模式, 你們也不需要限制自己的行為,一味地來可以迎合周圍的人,使周圍的人開心。

Indeed, Service to Others is practiced here in the higher realms and practicing Service to Others in your own Lives will open up the avenue to happy karmic experiences and pure energies that you have not yet experienced, but it is also sternly important that you find the time and make the effort to treat and serve yourselves, for you cannot be in a proper aligned state to serve others if you yourself are feeling low and unbalanced.

We hope dearly that as you make your effort to find the higher realms in more pure ways known, you will begin to realize when you are employing conceptual constraints in your own Lives. Of course, you have been acting under and feeling such constraints for many centuries and Lives and as you realize these constraints for just what they are, you begin to shake them off and get used once again to being limitless and infinite.

As you perform this inner work and see yourselves much more purely-tuned and happier and more clear in general, the Creation around you will naturally begin to respond by opening up the avenue for many more rich and fulfilling Life experiences. Imagine how all of this is happening now, at this time in your history when you as a society are about to have the veils taken off from over your eyes and your hearts.

You have been in the thick of your ascension processes for some time, and while many still feel that they are at a standstill we remind you to look forward to the events that are occurring on the surface of Earth for the validation that real, solid change is coming to your world. We have not been able to say this while communicating with other civilizations in other time periods of your history and especially not in your recent years, but your ascension is happening right now and the energies behind it are sweeping away all that has been of the old paradigm, and you are literally seeing this in progress, in the physical at this very moment.

Thank you to the Hathors of Earth’s Solar Astral Planes.


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