SaLuSa to Me – We are Part of the One Water of Life – 19 July 2012, Message Channeled by Laura Tyco


Laura: good evening, one facebook friend has asked if it would be possible to receive advise for those of us worrying.

SaLuSa: Worry is a form of energy waste, a negative side of creation of imagination. Please do not ever forget the law of attraction. When one feels worried and imagines negativity or fear, the outcome is responding to these kind of vibrations.

Perhaps the worries are founded sometimes, and perhaps there is an appropriate response to legitimate worrying. Try sitting down with your fears and worries, analyse the worse possible outcome, and then realise that even the worse case scenario is not so bad as long as you remain master of yourself, master of your destiny, as long as there is still freedom inside.

One would have to realise that releasing any form of attachment and identification would go a long way towards inner freedom. As man is born, he learns to obey, to respond to fear and to the outside world at the expense of keeping in touch with your inner world.

Balance between inner world and outside world is necessary. Balance is needed between what is imagined and what is real. At this point in time it would be helpful know what is real. Meditation and spiritual work through direct contact with spiritual masters is a good way of shedding negative imagination and remaining with what is real.

Laura: Thank you. Would you also have a general message for us please?

SaLuSa: Of course dear one. The truth is that you are never alone. We, the ascended masters, the angelic realm, and the ascended civilisations are always with you. We are one thought away so to speak. When you are collected and in a state of receptiveness, you are able to know we are with you by sensing us. You are then able to feel our love, our hearts beam love and join together in a positive beam of light.

When you close your eyes, and find your self in a collected state, the heavens open above you, while you are feeling Mother Earth's connection, dear ones. Whenever you are able to connect with the energies above you, so to speak, you will receive messages from us all. This form of communication may not necessarily take on the form of a conversation. It may remain on the level of feelings, of love, of empathy.

This you must also be able to feel when you are in the streets, when you are with loved ones, from the human, animal or plant world. Remain opened even when you read articles on your internet. Remain in your sacred space of heart of hearts when engaged in dialogue, when reading or watching the news.

Dear ones, you are witnessing the collapse of an old world. This world is now on the same level as a ghost world. It's power is fading away as more and more humans are awakening to their true galactic heritage. There will soon be no limits for you all, dear ones. However in order to reach that level of clairvoyance, consciousness and love, you must learn to let go of the world of illusion and mirages you have been accustomed to live in and to believe to be real.

The power of the light being beamed down on to your beautiful planet is removing any unnecessary phantoms of negativity. You have the duty of actively helping in removing these last remnants of a dying world, by being present into your life more and more frequently. Learn to listen to your loved ones, and try guiding them only when you are able to hear beyond their words. Their words are a reflection of the world that they are hanging on to, the world that they live in and desperately hanging onto.

Be the light for others now, as you have always wanted to be. However in order to positively fulfil your mission here, you must first learn to do this work for your self, to understand your self, and to understand the important elements of the world unfolding around you.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and as usual I am sending my love. We have legions of love around your planet, we have legions of angels around you. Learn to listen to them dear ones, and learn to listen to your inner voice. Be love, we are one always, no matter what the cabal would have you believe. We are one, part of the one water of life. Be Blessed.

Thank you, SaLuSa.
Channeled by Laura Tyco

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