大天使邁克爾 2012年8月7日信息《揚升的護照是愛》


Archangel Michael: The Passport to Ascension is Love
2012 August 7

An Hour With An Angel with Archangel Michael, August 6, 2012
Lind Dillon channels Archangel Michael to discuss the Ascension progress and process. Interviewed by Steve Beckow. Produced by Graham Dewyea.

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SB: ... how to think about the whole question of Ascension, and I don't just mean their own personal Ascension, but also the Ascension of Gaia. Some people think, I believe, that they'll ascend, but they won't move from this third-dimensional place. Some people think that they'll — excuse me, I have to clear — that they'll ascend and leave the third dimension altogether, just disappear from it, show up in the fifth. Some, of course you've said that some people will be coming back.
SB: 如何從整體上看待揚升,不僅僅是個人的揚升,還有還有蓋婭的揚升。一些人認為,他們一定能揚升,但是不會離開這個第三維度的地方。一些人認為,他們將揚升並且一塊離開第三維度,就從第三維度消失了,並出現在第五維度。一些人,就像你說過的那樣會回來。

So, from the point of view of the observer, from the point of view of the people remaining in the third dimension, do the people who ascend early — presuming they don't come back for a sec., just to talk about this, if we could — do they disappear from view in the third? And when Gaia herself ascends, does it disappear from view from the third? And if so, what happens to the people who were on the third and don't go to the fifth ?

Can you help us understand what would be seen in the process of Ascension, please?

AAM: The unusual and unique and beautiful qualities of this Ascension, of this wonderful unfoldment of the Ascension of Gaia and all upon her, is that you are maintaining a physical form. Now, that is why your physical bodies are changing, being adjusted — dare I say upgraded, or reclaimed? Because it is to have…. Gaia intends to still have a form of physicality.

So it is not that physicality is being abandoned. It is not. So, that is being maintained. It is not about one minute you are in your body and the next you have no body, that you are simply in a spiritual form. That is not it. Are you in a lighter form? Yes. But it is still a form of physicality.

SB: But it's not on the third dimension, Lord, correct?

AAM: That is correct. You may think of Gaia as a very large body, as she is, but like you, she is also expanding and growing. And so for a brief period, the very edge of Gaia will brush the top of the third, which is an experience of physicality. Will it be anchored in the third realm, the third dimension? No.
AAM:對,你可以想像蓋婭是一個非常大的身體,就像她現在這樣,但是不是像你們這樣的身體,她也正在擴展和成長。並且,到目前為止的一個短暫時期內,蓋婭的最前沿將會掠過第三維度的頂端,這是肉體的經歷。 (譯註:想像蓋婭是一棵大樹,也在不斷生長,長高長大,目前最頂端樹梢長得超過了第三層樓(第三維度)的頂層,這是蓋婭在肉體方面的經歷)。它不會錨定在第三維維度

But what you are doing — and I want to take time to explain this — is you are going to the higher realms, dimensions, but you are still remaining in the realm of the 12 dimensions and 12 planes within each of those dimensions. Now, by anchoring in the fifth through the seventh, what you have is the capacity to choose physicality, albeit it is not as dense as the old third reality, but it is not that the realm of what you think of as the physical simply disappears.

Now, does it alter? Yes, it does. Because in the fifth dimension there is no room for the qualities that the humans have developed and clung to. They simply don't exist. So, what you are asking — and feel free to interrupt, dear heart, I will not take offense …

但是,你們正在做的是,正在去往更高的維度,但是你們仍然保持在12個維度以及在每個維度的12個平面領域內。 (譯註:有12個維度,每個維度有12個平面,這些平面有高低之分,所以才會有前文的“第三維度的頂端”以及下文“較低的第五維度”的說法,“頂端”就是較高的平面(如第11、12平面),“較低”就是較低的平面(如第1、2平面),譯者個人理解​​,歡迎共同探討)現在,通過錨定在第五到第七維度,你們具有選擇肉體性(physicality)的能力,雖然它不是像舊的第三維度那樣稠密,但是它不是你們想像的那樣肉體簡單的消失了。

SB: Thank you.

AAM: … those who are in the third dimension right now can see you. It is almost like a mirroring effect: in the fifth dimension, you are able to reach down.… Think of it as if I operated right now in front of you . They see you, they experience you, but they are still having a third dimensional experience. But they will not be able to have that experience for much longer simply because Gaia is moving completely out of it. Therefore, to remain on Gaia, you are ascending, and you are ascending to a higher vibration. Yes, we know we often say different, but it is really a higher frequency, where you can access from that point the 12 realities.
那些現在在第三維度的人可以看見你們。它就像鏡面效應:在第五維度,你可以向下延伸。 。 。 (譯者:鏡面效應,鏡子外面的物體可以映射到鏡子裡面,但鏡子裡面的物體不能映射到鏡子外面,鏡子外面就是第五維度,鏡子裡面就是第三維度。譯者個人理解​​,歡迎討論)想像它,就好像我現在正在你們面前操作(的情況一樣)。他們能看到你們,他們能經驗到你們,但是他們仍然是第三維度的體驗。但是,他們那樣的體驗不會持續很長時間,僅僅是因為蓋婭正在完全從第三維度移出來。因此,為了保持在蓋婭上面,你們正在揚升,並且正揚升到更高的振動。是的,我們經常用“不同的振動”這個詞,但是它確實是更高的振動頻率,從那一點起你可以進入那12​​個現實。

Now, those who choose not to ascend, but they have made up a heart, mind, soul decision that they simply not even at the very last moment, that they do not choose to shift, then they will be in a different … they will be in a relocation package, let us put it that way, where they will continue to have a third dimensional experience, and to them it will feel as if nothing really changed.
現在,那些選擇不揚升的人,他們已經從心裡、思維裡、靈魂上決定甚至到最後一刻也不揚升的人,他們不選擇轉變,之後,他們將會在一個不同的。 。 。他們將會一塊重新安置,他們將會繼續體驗第三維度,並且對他們來說,感覺就好像什麼都沒有改變一樣。

Now, they will not be on Gaia, because Gaia is elsewhere, but they will be in a situation where they believe that they are on Gaia and that what they observe is still the same — until they work out what their choices are, or die. At which point they will return home. And in their review they will understand what happened, because there is no judgment of this. There is just the ardent offer and belief, because there is not a human being, or any creature, for that matter, who has incarnated at this time who did not do so with a conscious knowing of what was transpiring.
現在,他們將不會在蓋婭上了,因為蓋婭在別的地方(譯者:他們在第三維度,蓋婭不在第三維度),但是他們將會在一個“場景”裡,在那裡他們“相信”自己在蓋婭上,他們所看到的還是和原來一樣的——直到他們想明白他們做了什麼樣的決定,或者死去,到那個時候,他們將會回家。並且,在他們的回顧中,他們將會明白發生了什麼事情,因為對此不存在評判。只有熱情的選項和信任,因為所有這一次投生的人類存有或者任何生物,就這一點而言,都是在有意識地知道正在發生著什麼的情況下這樣做的選擇。 (譯註:指在有意識地知道正在發生著什麼的情況下,做了揚升或者不揚升的決定。)

Now, have many forgotten? Yes. But they are being given — consciously, subconsciously, consciously, unconsciously — they are being given ample opportunity to remember, and if not remember, to simply say, “Well, this makes sense. I think I will do this. My heart, it calls to me.”

Now, the other piece of that, and this is where you who have done so much diligent and beautiful, beautiful preparation, you say, “Well, if they have not done any preparation and they are not conscious of what is taking place, then how are they prepared?” These changes are still happening, subtly, in the entire populace. The Mother and Father did not say, “We will simply beam to this sector of believers or conscious beings.” No, every being on the planet is being touched. The passport, the ticket, the entry point for Ascension is love. It always has been. That is what it is about. It is a return to love.
在另一方面,你們已經做了這麼多勤奮的、漂亮的準備,你會說:“如果他們沒有做任何準備,他們沒有意識到正發生著什麼,那他們怎麼做準備?”這些變化仍在以難以覺察的方式在全部人身上發生。 (神聖)父親和母親並沒有說“我們只照耀那些相信者或者有意識的存有”,地球上每一個存有都被照耀到。揚升的護照、門票、入口點就是“愛”。它一直就是。這就是它所是。是回歸於愛。

So, if a being, if a woman in the plains of Africa, who has never seen a TV or visited the 2012 Scenario, who has never heard of the Council of Love, who does not know the archangels but who carries love inside her core , who loves Gaia and her family, who treasures the sunset and who speaks to the ancient ones, who is the embodiment of love, of course she will ascend. Because the purity is there.

So, that is the true tipping point, not only collectively, but individually. It is the feeling and the embodiment, not just the words, the empty words that we hear so often, the empty promises. So many human beings have forgotten the deep, true meaning of promise or oath or commitment. But if you embody love, then you are ready to go. Can I make it more simple than that?

SB: No, I don't think you could. People are continuing to try to visualize what will happen with Ascension. And so one other area of​​ discussion is, well, will I wake up on — so to speak — on December 22nd and find myself in my same apartment? And I can say for myself [laugh], I hope I ​​get new digs! But will I wake up in the same apartment, in the same house? What will it look like? What will have changed? What will remain the same?

AAM: You will have changed. Your perception will have changed. Your heart and your ability to see and perceive will have changed. Your ability to finally accept yourself as full co-creator and creator will have changed.

So it is not that the Earth as you know it, be it your apartment or your home, has shifted, but your perception of it immediately has shifted. And as soon as you wake up, walk outside! Because you will have a perception of Gaia that is bright and clear and shiny and expansive beyond anything you can conceive of now.

Now, what will happen? Yes, you will get new digs, dear heart. And the reason being that you will look around and say, “This is not what I choose. This is not how I wish to live.” And so will , using the playfulness of the creation codes, you will immediately begin to align subatomic energy, molecular codes into something that is completely fitting.


The fifth reality is far more flexible. You think of the third dimension as very fixed, and it has been, because it became solidified because of the false beliefs. But it is not so elsewhere. And so you may create yourself a Taj Mahal on the 23rd of December, and January 1st you may say, “This is far too much. I'm lonely,” and rearrange the molecules to a house in the Cotswolds. But it will be in physicality.

And it will be in the unity with your brethren, with your brothers and sisters of the stars, humanity, to bring forward and create communities, not just structures, for that is almost secondary. But let us suggest, the structures that are going to be created are incredibly more beautiful than the mundane structures you have at the moment. Yes, there are some beautiful examples of fifth dimensional architecture already, cities of light already on your planet. But by and large it is very pedestrian.


So, we are not trying to create a situation where we are saying you will wake up and you will think that you are either psychotic, hallucinating or that you have lost everything you ever cared about. No, that is not the case. But you will wake up with a full awareness that it is a new day.

And it is blissful. It is joyful. For you who are the wayshowers, there is a feeling, and it is a feeling, a mental tug of war sometimes, that you are caught betwixt and between. This is not your imagination! You are. Because you are setting the matrix. You are leading the way. You have yourself literally in various dimensions. And being born in a third dimensional reality, you are not used to it.

But I m​​ust say, by and large, you are doing spectacularly in adjusting. And your co-creation — and yes, let us also speak to that for one moment. Right now, dear wayshowers, your co-creations and your creations have been focused primarily on preparing the human collective for what lies ahead, for the shift, for Ascension, for the return of the Mother's plan.

So your creations have been in writing, in blogging, in music, in building community, in healing, in teaching, in getting rid of the old ways of human behavior, in entering into new paradigms of communication and understanding, extending your heart, your physical self, your mental and emotional selves to each other in the sharing of information. Because I do not wish to say that information is not important. Truth is incredibly important. So your creations have been focused mostly on this band of helping adjust the vibrations, of helping the collective deal with this new frequency.

So when you turn to me and you say, “Michael, you say that I am in the fifth and I am anchoring in the new, but I am still having trouble with my health, with paying my bills, with my apartment,” I say to you, dear heart, yes. Because of the core of generosity in your hearts, that rather than tending to the physical needs, your creation is in tending to the collective, in breaking and releasing and eliminating with us — but in physical reality — the old paradigms.

And for this, our gratitude is enormous. And we want you to know of our deep appreciation and of our commitment to this partnership, because this is genuine. This is true partnership. You do not worry about hanging new drapes when your son is having a nervous breakdown, when your wife is having a heart attack. You attend to what is necessary and what is of greatest importance. And that, as wayshowers, is exactly what you are doing.

We know as human beings who have inhabited this plane of the third dimension that you cannot help but think in physical terms. And no matter how many times we say, “It will be all right, and release it,” we also know that those are your reference points. We understand that. And that is why in the mental phase of the clearing and harmonization is that some of those attachments are being dimmed, not eradicated, dimmed, rebalanced.

When you step outside and the trees start singing to you, you will understand.

SB: And the grass, and the water?

AAM: Yes! And when the water invites you to come, not just to have a swim or a dip, but to join with it in relationship, that you are adding your energy field to theirs, it is a completely different experience, not only of physicality, but of emotion, of connection, of being in community. That is the shift.

And to do, to have that experience, it is unbridled joy. That is why we keep harping on joy.


SB: I think people are not aware of that, Lord. I think what they miss in thinking about the fifth dimension is just the extent of the bliss and the way that that bliss makes everything better. It improves everything.

AAM: It is true, it does improve everything. But one of the key components of the improvement is the awakened awareness of the humans. Now, Gaia has moved substantially, and even before that movement the water talked to the trees and the sand. The flowers talked to the plants and the frogs. There has been far more harmony in nature, in the kingdoms and Gaia, than the humans have been fully aware of.

So, yes. Will it be easier? Yes. For example, you talk a great deal about financial stresses. When you are in your co-creation, when you can bring forth and remember how to weave molecules and codes, then the sense that became so dominant in your third dimensional reality of need, of course which related to greed and control and lack, that is gone.

Now it is hard for you to even conceive of need being gone, to simply eat because you feel like it, because you want to have the experience, because you are joined in nature so that there is an exchange, and so you are also more conscious about what you would eat, about what you would share and what you would take.

So, we understand that you all tend to think in terms of solid physicality, but dear hearts you have a saying, and it is of truth, the best is yet to come!

SB: All right, Lord. Perhaps let me intervene there. First of all I need to say, apologies to Ashtar, we'll definitely have him on next week. And then let me list the questions I have left, Lord, and you can choose to answer them as you wish in the, I think, about four minutes that remain to us.

One is, I think people would like to be reassured about what will be seen to happen, and what will happen to their children and pets. Will they just automatically go with them? That's the first question.

The second question is I think they want to know what an observer looking at Earth on December 21st would see. Would they see the Earth just disappear? Or will it explode into a million pieces? What will an observer see?

And the third question is, will our arrival in the fifth mean that we have all our powers instantaneously, or will there be a learning, a growing process that will take place?

And the last question is, will we arrive on the — and of course I guess it will differ for various people, but — will the mass of the population arrive on the lower fifth dimension, the first plane or sub-plane of the fifth dimension? And will their experience on that lower fifth dimensional plane be different from the experience of somebody on the higher fifth dimension?

And those are my questions, Lord.

AAM: I will answer your last question first, and the answer is yes. Of course there is an expansion process, and that will be an opening. But it — let me be clear: It is an opening, it is not a struggle. It is a flowering, and it is a joyous flowering.

Children and pets: Unless you have a pet that is absolutely determined to go with its owner and remain in the third, which is highly unlikely, all the animal kingdom is going.

Children are innocent and pure, even those who have been abused and hurt. There is a sweetness and a love. Children are going. So don't worry about them.

SB: And with their parents, at the same time?

AAM: Yes, that is correct. This is an exercise of love. And you could not separate families, because it would be heart-breaking!

SB: So it’s …

AAM: So, yes.

SB: … it's not necessary for the mother to tuck her child into bed, or … they'll just go when we all go, and there's nothing that needs to be done. Is that correct?
SB:…所以媽媽不必將她的孩子裹好放在床裡,或者… 他們將會在我們都去第五維度的時候一塊去,並且沒有什麼需要做的,對嗎?

AAM: That is correct.

SB: All right. Okay. What will we see — well, first of all, when we arrive on the lower fifth dimension, will we have all the powers that we need instantaneously, or will there be a learning process? And what would we see …

AAM: There will be a bit of a learning process, because you can think of it as an adjustment process. But it is not len​​gthy, it is not arduous, it is not hard. And the level of expansion that you will immediately experience is so tremendous that you won't be saying, “Give me more, give me more!”

You will after a day or so. Well,, a day of what you think of now as your time or your days. But, so, do not worry about it. Yes, you will have an expansion of abilities. Because — do not forget what we tell you! — each of you, beloved listeners, brought all your abilities into this life. You didn't leave anything at home. So those will all be activated.

For some of you, all of a sudden you will be so creative in music and in arts. For others, finally, you will be explaining quantum physics of the stars. So it will be an opening. But is there room for growth? D​​ear heart, the universe is infinite, and so are you.

[music up]

And Stephen Cook's explanation of the light penetrating Gaia, the expansion of light, is a very good image to hold.

Go in love and go in peace. Farewell.

Stephen cook的光穿透蓋婭的解釋,光的擴展,是一個非常好的想像畫面。進入到愛中,進入到和平中。

SB: Thank you very much, Lord.


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