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Archangel Michael: The Passport to Ascension is Love
2012 August 7

Archangel Michael: Greetings, I am Michael, warrior of peace, gentle archangel of love. Welcome. Welcome all. Welcome to this time of conversation, of reunion, of transition, of upgrades, of becoming. Welcome to this time that we have to share together.

Let us begin by reigniting yet again my bright flame of truth, the bright flame of blue, within each of your hearts, your throats, your crown, your mind and your being.

Yes, we know that you are learning patience, and this is one of the more difficult virtues and qualities for human beings because it is not in your nature, particularly at this time of transition, to be standing still. For there is not a single one of you who is listening to this tonight who wishes to be reminded to stand still and be the observer. So let us get to this and talk about it.

My beloved friend, where do you wish to start?

SB: Well, Lord, I thought what would be good today to look at, many people would like to know what's going to be happening between now and Ascension on December 21st, or whenever it's to be. What can we expect to be occurring in our bodies, in our emotions, in our experience of life?
SB: 許多人想知道,從現在到12月21日揚升(或者不管它是什麼時候)的這段時間將會發生什麼?我們可以期待在我們的身體上、情緒上和生活經歷上會發生什麼?

AAM: A great deal is already underway. And that is particularly true for those who are listening to this program who have decided, on a soul level, long before they even incarnated, that they would undergo Ascension with and by Gaia, the galactics and inter-galactics, and the human collective, the kingdom.

So do not, first of all, dismiss what has already taken place. Yes, there are many — we would say, in fact, probably what you would view as the majority — who are not consciously aware of many of the shifts that are taking places within their bodies, within their minds, within their beingness. But nevertheless, that does not mean that the shift is not already well underway.

You know that this is not a short process, and that it has begun. We have often referred to the process of 25 years that the human collective has been involved in this undertaking, but let's be very clear: for each of you who have decided , consciously and within your very core of your being, that you are undergoing Ascension, and that you are welcoming it eagerly and profoundly into your life, into your consciousness, into your being, this process began even before you chose it in reinc​​arnation. So it has been going on and building your entire life.

Now, have you been positioned? Because I will not use the word 'stuck'. In fact, I will not use that word in reference to this process any longer. And I invite all of you to throw away this word and to correct me if I use it again! But you ask, what changes can we expect? And I ask each of you to look at your hearts and your bodies, your environments and your situations.

Your clearest indicator of what is taking place within this Ascension process is your heart. It is the core of your being, knowing and deciding that you are choosing love, that you are more joyful, less restless, less impatient, and yet at the same time more eager to embrace the new adventure and to let go of the old third reality of duality, of polarity, of all the false paradigms that have been created by the third.

In your physical form, begin to feel yourself be reconstructed, and we would suggest not only in the external but from the inside out, because much of this is occurring with the activati​​on of parts of your brain, of your glands, of your organs, of your bone marrow, of your subatomic fibers, of your DNA, of the shift from carbon to crystalline-based. So also pay attention to your physical form.

Now, there has been a lot said and a great deal of discussion about Ascension symptoms — cosmic flu, dizziness, depression thoughs, crests of the wave — but it is also your body that is transforming, not only so that you can hold the higher frequencies, maintain the higher frequencies, but because you already are holding more energy, higher frequency, more love, more light than you ever have before.

Now, what does this mean in a physical way? First of all what it means is that if there are situations — mental, emotional, causal — on any level that are within your physical form — and they are — these will come to the surface for love, for release, for elimination. So do not be surprised if you think, “Well, I am doing my work, and I am being very diligent in my work, but this situation of asthma, of diabetes, seems to be in a flare-up phase, worse than ever.”

Or if you have an emotional difficulty or imbalance of depression or anxiety, that all of a sudden you are feeling more anxious than you have felt in years, this is because the situation, the imprint or the actual anchoring within your physicality, is coming to the surface.

Now, how is it coming to the surface, and how does this relate to Ascension? Well, I tell you, first of all the penetration of each of you during this time of transition by the Mother/Father/One, by your own guides , by your brothers and sisters of the stars, is not lessening, it is increasing, and it is increasing rapidly. So you are holding more energy. And as that is coming in, it is also acting as a cleanser, as a vacuum cleaner, as a slush for these things to come up and out.

But as this also occurs, as the healing takes place, what you are going to find is that you are going to feel more vibrant, younger — younger in the human sense of the word, for our sense of young and your sense is very different ! But soon you will remember all of that.

You will look more vibrant, and therefore more youthful, can we say. You will feel that your body, your tissue, your skin, your bones, your flexibility, your organs, that all of you seems to be functioning more harmoniously, more effectively , more like who you really are. And so, pay attention to that. Pay attention to issues or qualities that you have been wanting to bring forth over a long period of time suddenly feeling like you are having a breakthrough.

I give you an example of weight. Many of you talk to me every day — you talk to all of us! — about losing a few pounds, or about gaining a few pounds. And what you will notice is the ease at which your body begins to adjust to what is the perfect construction for you, dear heart. So that is a physical situation that you can anticipate.
我舉個體重的例子。你們許多人每天跟我說的問題——你們跟我們每個人都說! ——關於減肥了幾磅重量,或者增加了幾磅重量。但是,你將會注意到的是舒適自在,你的身體開始調整到對你來說最完美的情況,親愛的。(譯註:這個時候,無論變胖了還是變瘦了,都是身體在調整,調整到對個人來說最完美的情形)。所以,這個是你們可以感覺到的物理身體方面的情況。

Now, the Ascension process is collective, and it is inclusive, and all are equally welcome. But because of where you are in the time-frame, some of you have jump-started; others of you are still in the resistant factor behind the fence, let alone not on the fence. So, of course, each of these processes — the mental, the physical, the emotional — is going to be progressing at the same time.

Now, let us talk about the mental. Another thing that you will notice, and that you can measure in yourself — because that is what you are really asking — each of your hearts, those of you who are listening, your hearts have been crying out and saying to me, “Lord, how do I know? How can I be sure?”

Another measure, my beloved ones, is to do with your mental acuity, including interest in things of the mental body (and, dear Steve, you have been experiencing this of late) memory, interest in mental maneuvers, and a dramatic jump — this is one of the quantum leaps that each of you will be taking — a quantum leap in what you would call mental acuity or sharpness.
我親愛的人們,另一個度量方式與你的心智敏銳度有關,包括對心智體記憶(mental body memory)有關的事情的興趣(steve,你最近經歷了類似的事情),對心智演習方面的興趣,對戲劇性跨越的興趣——這是量子躍遷之一,每個人都會經歷——這是一個你們會稱為,心智體敏銳度提高方面的量子躍遷。

So, let us talk first about the waning of interest. Now, you and the channel and your circle of my beloved InLight Radio have had some conversations that I share tonight with the listeners about not feeling as if you are being sent enough information, and then at other times feeling that you have no interest in consuming the volumes and volumes and volumes of information that is being fed to you.

You, collectively, are in a place, and have been all of this year and a good part of last year as well, and for some of you many years, where you are shifting from the electronic information age to the creator age. Now, this is not just a term for intellectual explanation, it is a term to identify the collective, and that includes each of you, sweet angels, of who you are.

So, what you are noticing in yourself, and how you can track your progress, is that your interest in information consumption is shifting. Now, that does not mean that you are not interested, curious and driven, to hear, to learn and to know the truth. In fact, this is becoming a burning passion. And that is why we begin each of our sessions together by igniting that flame and helping it burn more brightly until it truly is all consuming.

So you are becoming more discerning also in what you are wanting to consume as information, but your mental body also is rebalancing itself. Most of the human collective have lived, and do live, primarily in their mental quadrant, and they have done that for thousands of years. In your cultures — and it does not matter, east or west, north or south, unfortunately — the mind and the ego, the personality, have become paramount, king.

So, one of the things that is occurring is that your mental body is becoming more in harmony with who you really are. So, for those of you who have perhaps over-excited your mental body, you are finding that it is retreating somewhat and that your interest in things that your mental body was engaging in is taking not a full retirement, because that is not the purpose of this, but it is certainly taking a sabbatical.
所以,正在發生的事情之一,就是你們的心智體正變得與你真正所是的更加和諧。所以,對於你們之中那些讓心智體過分激動的人,你們正發現它(心智體)正在某種程度上撤退,(但是) 對你心智體所從事的事情的興趣並沒有完全退休(消失),因為那不是這些的本意,但是它當然可以休個假。

And that will ebb and flow. It will ebb and flow like the tides, like the crests, like the troughs. And what is replacing that is that the rebalancing is taking place as you are tending to go not more into your emotional body — although some of you have need to rebalance that as well — but you are going more into your spiritual self, your beingness. And we ask you to allow that.

Now, part of that retreat sabbatical for your mental body is also what we would, in human language, call a dimming of some memories, or a dimming of your acuity. Some of you are feeling that you cannot retrieve information or memories — and they are related — as rapidly or as fluidly as you know you are capable of. And for some of you, dear hearts, it is causing a little bit of trepidation.

So, I am here this night to tell you, whatever you do, beloved ones, stop worrying. Give your fear to me, give it to your guides, give it to the universal Mother, but do not hang on to it. Some of your memories are being, can we say, dimmed, because they are of an emotional nature that no longer serves you. They don't contribute to your wholeness, to the love, to your expansion; they are situations that you had obsessed about and picked at, like a scab on your skin, for years, and it is time to simply let go of.

But it is also to help you in this looking-forward and welcoming the new adventure. Now, after this little shift has taken place — and for some of you it is days, for some of you it is weeks, for some of you it is months — then what you are going to find is that you awaken one morning and you feel that bright mental clarity, brighter than you have ever felt before. As we say, the plan, the universal plan, the Mother's plan, is not to eradicate the mental capacity. Quite the contrary, it is for you to be in complete harmony and balance with your spheres.
但是你們盼望並且歡迎新的冒險旅程也是有幫助的。現在,在這個小小的轉變發生之後——對於你們一些人來說,它需要幾天;對於另一些人來說,它需要幾個星期、幾個月——然後,你將發現的是,一天早上當你醒來的時候,你感覺頭腦非常清楚非常明亮(bright mental clarity),比以前任何時候都清楚明亮。就像我說的,那計劃、宇宙的計劃、母神的計劃不會擦除心智的能力。恰恰相反,將會使你處在與兩個腦半球完全和諧和平衡的狀態。

And so this will happen rather rapidly. You will feel like someone turned the light switch back on. But because you have gone through this period of reharmonization what you will find is that it is in balance, so you are not spending all your time in the mental body or in mental pursuits. What you are doing is then using it in harmony with your emotional sphere, your physical reality, not simply your body, but the reality of Gaia, to then begin to enter fully into your co-creative partnership with yourself, humanity, your star brothers and sisters, the kingdoms, and us.

So, it is emotional rebalancing, it is mental, it is physical. These are not happening independently, they are happening consecutively, but sometimes at the same time, simultaneously, as well. So it is not that you can say, “Now I am in the mental healing; now I am in the emotional; now I am physically regenerating.” So these are all interwoven, braided, and you will be experiencing this type even more than the Ascension symptoms, as you have been calling them. It is not that the Ascension symptoms are going away, it is simply that they are being overlaid by this larger process.

Now, you were asking me in terms of time-frames. When you know that that mental acuity has sharpened and your emotions feel more clear, more balanced, and your body is feeling vibrant and youthful, then you will also know you are at your point of full Ascension.

Now, we have said, some are going to come through that portal at the last minute, kicking and screaming. All are welcome. But there is a group of you who are already well underway, who have already been experiencing the very thing that I have been speaking of.

Now, before I open it to another question, I also want to say, you are still, some of you, experiencing the integration, and the intensity of that integration, of the love of the Mother/Father/One with the crests of great energy and clarity and the troughs. Now, go to the heart of One and that will help you even it out.

But do not think that that process is completed simply because we spoke about it earlier. This is a human misconception, and it is a misconception of your society. Because there is a belief system you are fed so quickly, and so much of the information , that you think, “Oh, I read that. Therefore it's done.” That is not so. It is still underway. It is progressive. It is a process. It is not simply for you, who I am speaking to, just a moment in time.

Some of you have said to me, “Well, then, I am upset. Why have I decided that I have to go through this elongated process and experience when others will have the moment of simply turning the switch? I wish I had just chosen the moment of awakening.”

Dear hearts, this is your service. This is what you have said to the Mother/Father/One and to all — to the Council, to the Company of Heaven, to your star brothers and sisters: “I will go and I will prepare the way.” It is like planting the seed in the fields so that when springtime comes there is literally something to grow and thus to be harvested. It is what you do. And yes, it is because you are strong, you are leaders, you are showers of the way. But this has been your choice, not ours.
親愛的人們,這是你的服務。這是你自己對父神/母神/一以及對所有所說的——對愛之議會、對天堂公司、對你的星星兄弟姐妹說的:“我將會去那裡,並且將路都準備好”,它就像將種子種在田裡,當春天來的時候,自然會有些東西生長,然後收穫。這是你所做的事情。是的,是因為你非常堅強,你是領導者,你是領路人。但是,這些都是你的選擇,不是我們選的。 (譯者:好吧,今天還和朋友討論這個問題來著,AAM給出了這麼清晰的答案~~)

Does this answer your question, or even begin to answer your question, Steve?


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