Saint Germain ~~ Your Ascension proces and Your different embodiments ~~ 08/08/2012 Channeled by Méline Lafont.


Dear Ones,

Greetings, it is I, Saint Germain and it is my pleasure to give this message about the level of progress you are currently reaching. The process of Ascension is now proceeding very smoothly and will continue to do so, my dear ones. You have made a huge progress from within yourselves and you are presently busy embodying your Etheric bodies together with all your other bodies. To say it more precisely : you are becoming one with all your current lightbodies and with the dimensional bodies dwelling in parallel worlds.

Soon enough you will come to experience what the endresult of this unification entails, which is what Ascension implies anyway. To unify with yourself in the parallel worlds and Dimensions; to unify youself with your lower bodies representing your Earthly self ; to unify with the Universe and with all around you. Let me entrust that this unification is what Ascension is really all about. Allow your different bodies to assume their original state and let them converge into 1 point, in 1 unit in which your capabilities and your true Essence will become yours once again and will step forward to take command. Your  true Essence will reveal everything about the real, undistorted Truth and about your real Being from which you were born, from which you crafted yourself and in which all truth and unlimited abilities of free energetic sources lie, from which you aspire to find your inner balance and THAT you will find in all your bodies for it is who you essentially are! You will find the necessary information and the energy as you are yourself the source of creation. It is in your Essence that you are all this and you have all this.

You can find it in all the layers and bodies of yourself, who have themselves gained experiences in countless other Dimensions and worlds all the while when you were simultaneously having your experiences in your physical body on Earth. The moment that all those bodies unify in one, a fact that will surely come to pass my dear ones, all will be known what has ever been known before you descended into this 3rd Dimensional density. Abilities you developped naturally in the Higher Realms through various processes of Ascension and of evolution will again be at your disposal in your personal life. Others who will experience their Ascension for the first time in the NOW or those who already experienced it, will be in a position to dispose of their own natural abilities and welcome them to explore them even further. Allow those abilities to step forward and make themselves known. Be not afraid ; what you will encounter is yourself in the form of an ability. It is your true image, it is a work of art, it is beautiful to behold, it is exceptional and it has the most loving intentions. For you are loving beings, and this without a shadow of a doubt! It is just that you lost your way and in this process your intentions were forgotten, blocked or clouded.

However, the time has come now for this “clouding” to be lifted once and for all in order to gain a clear sight of what always has been known. Use glasses when necessary to see this all more sharply : it is an expression of a tool to help you to see more clearly; it is your own I AM Presence. Always by your side if the going gets tough and under whose guidance most enlightening moments will now come to pass. Your I AM Presence is always with you, It never parts from you and is surely no outsider. It is YOU! Your true Essence, your loyal Self, your Divine Spark, your Light, your Love and your Energy. Allow your I AM Presence to accomplish Its task for which It is present and for which you are NOW present here on Earth. The mission is nearly fulfilled and rounded up so make it the best mission ever ; it is and was the most difficult mission you ever had to take part in. Be grateful for this for after all, there is no better school of learning than the one of Earth. You have gone through tough times and now it will get easier. You will become aware of this fact once the next experiences unfold the way they are meant to unfold.

What is in store now is the most powerful energy ever in all your experiences of this world of duality namely Ascension. You will be lifted up and that is something that you can take quite literally. Your frequencies will be lifted up as well as your consciousness and your bodies. Mother Earth will be lifted up as will your galaxy. Everything that used to be solid mass, that used to be like heavy matter will now become lightly and rather airy; it will turn into a higher form of enlightening which consists of pure Love and Light. At this very moment your bodies are also undergoing massive changes and more and more codes do their work on a cellular level. At present the light codes have now been integrated in your Lightbodies. Allow those changes to proceed as it is helpful to continue your evolution and your Ascension process, something which requires more and higher adjustments in order for you to be taken into the Light. This Light itself implies a very high vibration/frequency of the cosmos whereas your physical body operates on a very low vibration/frequency.

Behold your source of Light and your true Essence as they unfold into a beautiful butterfly which has regained its freedom after separating itself from its cocoon in which it has been held captive and in which its evolution was limited. Behold how your approaching freedom now comes into manifestion and guiding you on your true path, which has always been rightfully yours. Behold your “beautiful” world of illusion coming to an end after you have spent countless lives in it and fooling you into believing what is really the Truth. And finally, my dear ones, welcome yourself and the new energies of change as well as the love energies which are anchoring themselves in your beautiful planet Earth. You are the Masters, you are the ones you have been waiting for. And so it is! Be full of Love for each other and, together, pull the same cart for you have the same goals in common and they are your freedom and your Ascension.

The Lion’s Gate (on August 8th) will ensure immense energetic changes which will especially manifest in an earthly way. Quite often these kinds of powers can be compared with Earthly shifts on an etheric level. Even more Light energies will be released, even more fortitude will be felt amongst the Lightworkers in order to cooperate together at the missions that now commence for all. Those missions will quickly be highlighted and will divulge what is expected of you. Let’s all begin a time of great cooperation, together with the innumerable Love – and Light brothers dwelling on Earth and beyond.

I AM Saint Germain.

*NOTE from Méline: If you find the including message of different embodiments difficult to understand or if this is new for you, I might sugest to pay a visit to Anrita Melchizedek her page : http://www.pleiadianlight.net. She has a wonderful explaination about it and free downloads you might find all on her page. She offers also readings and healings, which I have the pleasure to recieve also once and a while. A firm advice from me to you all, much Love ♥
作者的注:如果理解不同化身有困難,到這個網站去 http://www.pleiadianlight.net,有相關知識。

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