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Blossom Goodchild - September 16, 2012 

Hello ... me here. It would be great if we could have a chat if the timing works for you ... it works for me.
問候。 。 。我在這裡。如果時機正確的話能夠與你們進行一次交談將是很好的事情。 。 。這對我挺重要。

We are happy to converse with you at this time. We are always happy to converse with you and relay to you that which we consider of value for you to become aware of at this particular time . First of all we would appreciate very much your consideration in the matter of sending congratulations to those upon your planet who have recently decided to become part of the Light Workers Communion that is so rapidly growing upon your planet with each moment. More and more of the human race are awakening and through this ... allowing the vibration to rise and for it, therefore, to mingle with Higher vibrational frequencies … which in turn allow US to become ever closer to YOU​​.
此刻與你進行交流讓我們覺得十分的榮幸。我們總是非常愉快的與你進行交談,傳遞給你那些我們認為對你們來說含有價值的信息,在這個特殊的時刻被予以了解。首先我們非常感謝你的關心,同時給你們星球上那些在近期決定成為光之工作者團隊中一員的人們致以祝賀,在每個時分它都在你們星球上以極快的速度成長中。人類種族中越來越多的人在覺醒,通過這點。 。 。允許了振動層次的不斷提高,也因此與更高頻率的振動相融合。 。 。這就在依次的允許我們變得與你們越來越親近。

Consider congratulations sent out!
已確認你們發送出的祝賀! !

Secondly we would care to embrace each and every one of you with our energy of LOVE. We ask you to KNOW that we consider you all to be part of our family and as we draw closer in this way ... it seems that our connection with more and more of you is made more easily viable. Consider too the knowledge that in these days that are presenting themselves to you ... you are being made more aware of your own energies that are literally Lighting the way. For surely it is known to you that the FEELING of one's upliftment is stronger now than ever before. There is excitement in the air and to those who have been in trepidation ... they are allowing that to leave their Being and are finding themselves in a place that is much more in ease.
第二,我們希望帶著我們愛的能量以關愛的心擁抱你們每個人。我們請求你們了解--我們把你們所有人都當作了我們的家人,以這種方式我們就能夠更加的親近。 。 。它就像是我們與你們之間越來越強烈的連接,能夠更簡便靈活的操作。也請識別出在這些日子裡正在把自身展現給你們的事物。 。 。你們正在越來越了解如何操作你們自身的能量,以這種方式在逐步的點亮中。當然它對你們來說是很熟悉的,這種使得個人當前提升的感受比起之前變得越來越強烈。激動之情就瀰散在空氣中,那些一直處於驚恐狀態的人們。 。 。他們正被允許離開自己的存在體,並正在一個更舒適的地方尋找到適合自己的位置。

Consider the possibility that as more and more continue to awaken … it is stretching all possibilities to become realities in a shorter space of time. For instance ... we would suggest to you that although you may sometimes feel as if 'you are going it alone' … that the evidence NOW far outweighs those who would question and ridicule our existence . For in these days, is it not that so many of you are taking this whole affair in a much Lighter yet more serious manner?

請識別這個可能性,由於越來越多的人在陸續的覺醒中。 。 。這就拉伸了所有可能成為現實的可能性,在一個更短的時空框架內顯化出來。例如。 。 。我們建議你們,雖然在有時候你們會感到自己“似乎是在獨自行走”。 。 。其實這個實在的證據現在是遠遠在比重上勝過那些質疑並嘲笑我們存在之人的看法的。因為在這些日子裡,你們中的許多人難道沒有在對待整個問題的時候以一種更輕盈,同時也是更嚴肅的態度看待麼?

How we can FEEL your souls desire to unite with us once again. How we long to put your minds and your hearts call at rest and look into your eyes as you in turn shall look into ours. All barriers broken down. All that was misconstrued placed in an understanding that allows all doubts that ever were to melt away. Dearest ones … these times are so close at hand. We give you no dates … we give you only our Truth of what is to be .

我們是多麼的能夠感受到你們靈魂的意願是多麼的想再次與我們聯合。我們又是多麼的渴望把你們的意識和心靈停靠休憩一下,深深的看入你自己的眼睛,轉而就能夠看到我們的眼神。所有的障礙都破敗。所有在一種理解上曾經被曲解的事情,導致允許了諸多的質疑,都會一掃而空。最親愛的朋友們。 。 。這些時刻就是如此的接近,唾手可得。我們不會給你們提供日期。 。 。我們僅僅只是給你們提供這本該如此的真相。

May I ask you a question? How can we assist in bringing this union about … how can we do more , because many feel that they are not doing enough and yet I wonder if it is in the timing?
我可以問你們一個問題麼?為了把這種聯合的態勢帶入進來我們要如何提供支持。 。 。我們要如何做的更多。因為許多人感覺自己做得還不夠好,不過我好奇是不是時機的問題?

We are aware that many feel this way. Within their hearts they KNOW they are here to do something. To assist in this great plan and yet they feel that they are stagnant at this time, or find themselves a little lost and unsure in which direction they are supposed to be walking. Yet we would say to you … that when the time comes ... there will not be time for questioning what one would be doing … for one will be doing it all the time!
我們很了解許多人在這方面的感受。在他們的心靈中,他們很清楚自己來到這裡就是為了去完成某些事情。為了支持這個偉大的計劃,不過他們感到自己在此刻有些停滯不前,或者發現自己有點迷失,不確信自己到底要走向何方。那麼我們要對你們說。 。 。當時機到來的時候。 。 。對於那些將被完成的事情將會毫無質疑。 。 。因為作為個人可以在每時每刻都去做

For a way to express, we would say that you are 'programmed' to act when necessary. We do not wish for those of your world to misinterpret that which we have just spoken of. You are not robots … far from it. It is just that YOU KNOW what it is you are to do and for each one … how you are to conduct the future part of your lives. In a way it is as if a 'switch' will be turned on and the information you are so keen to recall shall once again reside in the forefront of your minds.

為了一種表達的方式,我們想說你們都是被“編程”好了,以便在必要的時候行動起來。我們當然不希望讓你們這些人曲解其中的意思。你們當然不是機器人。 。遠遠不是。它僅僅是因為,你就是很了解自己到底要去做些什麼,對於每個人來說。 。 。 。在自己的未來生活中到底要如何的去創造。以一種方式來說就好像一個“開關”被啟動,而這些你們正急於了解的信息就會被再次回憶,進入到你意識的最重要的前端部分中。

Therefore at this time … accept the position you are in. Be of joy about WHO YOU ARE . Go within as much as you can and connect with the part of you that does not reside upon this planet. For this is the part of you that will have much involvement when the days ahead are in full swing and there will be a much stronger connection necessary with the Higher aspect of the self.

因此在這個時刻。 。 。請接受你所處的位置。請對於你到底是誰的這個本質充滿喜悅之心。盡可能的走入內在,去連接那個你在這個星球之上的生活中,在過去還未企及的地方。因為在前方的日子裡,你存在的這個部分將會大量的參與進來,這個日期正全力進行中,那麼在與自己的更高面向就會出現一種更加強烈的連接需求。

Yet we say to you … all this shall come with ease.

不過我們要對你們說。 。 。所有這一切會舒適的到來。

That's good to hear. Sometimes I wonder, going by 'where we are at' now … how ON EARTH we shall be able to move in such leaps and bounds to get to where we want to be.
這聽起來真的很好。有時候我就奇怪,從我們今天所在的這個地點。 。 。到底要如何才能夠以這種飛速的發展走到我們希望的田野呢!

It will happen in such a way that you will FEEL you have been acting this way all your lives! Which of course for most part you will have been.

So will we FEEL like we have known how to do things … and just remembered? … Or will it FEEL new to us? This is a bit odd … because I don't even know what things in particular I am talking about!
那麼我們會感覺到好似自己已經知道如何去做了。 。 。並且剛剛回憶起來? 。 。 。或者它對我們來說會感到很新穎?這就有點奇怪。 。 。因為我們甚至不知道我在談論的這個事情有什麼特別的!

Oh but you will. You are aware of how little ones gifts and talents and awareness are put into full use. You cannot at this point comprehend how much is to come to you because of the part of you that has been shut down for so long . Yet we say … when it is reborn … when it is once again part of your Being … when it is reactivated … you will be amazed at exactly how much you are capable of .
哦,你會的。你們正了解任何一個天賦與禮物的細節並清楚如何把它全面運用上。在目前的狀態你們還無法理解其實有多少的美好要走向你,因為你存在的這個部分一直處於關機狀態,而且時間已很久很久。不過我們要說。 。 。當它再次復活的時候。 。 。當它再次成為了你存在的一部分。 。 。當它被重新激活的時候。 。 。你們會感到震驚的,切實的了解自己其實有著多麼巨大的能力。

Dearest friends of ours … we have spoken to you of creating the world that you are to walk into. We ask you to understand that this creation is taking place NOW ... and all in that which you are creating shall become your New reality … a True reality … brought forth by the thoughts which you choose to think about . Become aware of that which you would like to BE. Introduce it to your BEING and offer more 'add on's' as you go .

我們最親愛的朋友們。 。 。我們已經跟你們提到過這個你們即將進入的,同時又在不斷被創造中的世界。我們請求你們懂得,這個創造就在現在。 。 。所有你們正在創造的一切都將成為你們新的現實。 。 。一個真實的現實。 。 。它便是由你們選擇去考量的態度形成的想法而帶來。對於你將會成就的模樣越來越了解。請把它介紹進你的存在中,在你前進的時候提供更多的“附加價值”。

We ask you to not only think ... yet to visualize … and within that visualization … most importantly we ask you to FEEL what it would be like to have those thoughts become the world in which you reside .

我們請求你們不要僅僅只是思考。 。 。而是去觀想。 。 。那個內在的觀想。 。 。觀想那個我們要求你去感受的最重要部分,它到底將會是什麼樣子,對於將成為你們居住世界的未來獲得美好的想法。

Sometimes in doing that though … I find myself being a little selfish because I seem to concentrate on how I would like 'my world' to be … the 'it's all about me' world … and I don't seem to stretch my imagination to a global effect.
有時候雖然在這麼做。 。 。我發現自己會變得有些自私,因為看起來就好似聚焦在---我要如何去成就“我自己的世界”。 。 。而這個都是關於我自己的。 。 。同時看似我並沒有把自己的想法伸展到一種全球影響中。

Yet do you not see? … This is certainly by far the best possible way to begin. For by doing this … by allowing yourself to FEEL the joy that you would like to encounter throughout your days … you are putting into practice that which is. By making yourself FEEL what YOUR future will appear to be ... you are creating that world of which we speak. For if each and everyone did the same ... Hey presto ... there is your New World … for we could not imagine that one of you ….given the choice would create for themselves a world that did not FEEL good.
你還不明白麼? 。 。 。以目前來說這當然會以最大的可能方式來開始。因為通過這麼去做。 。通過允許你自己去感受這份對你來說願意整日整夜都去感受的喜悅。 。 。你就在不斷把它帶入實踐中。通過讓你自己去感受如臨在於你的未來一般。 。 。你就在創造那個由我們提到的世界。 (譯者:又是【吸引力法則】的再次揭示,讓自己完全臨在於那個你所期待的美好未來,你就在不斷實踐並創造它)。 。 。因為如果每個人都以這同樣的方式做到了。 。 。突然的。 。 。這就是你們的新世界啦。 。 。對於我們來說無法想像你們會有什麼人。 。 。被提供了選擇之後卻會去為自己創造一個感覺不太良好的世界。

Combine this with the wonders that are to transpire before this year is through and we would say that you have the recipe for the dream world which you all created long long ago before you even arrived.


That's quite a hard concept to understand. Too complicated to put into words … and yet somehow I get what you are saying.
這確實是一個有些難以理解的概念。要描述就太過複雜。 。不過我總歸還是理解了你們所說的意義。

Think of the excitement that is gaining momentum in your world amongst all of you who KNOW that things are about to change. Couple that with the excitement from many Star Nations that have been awaiting these happenings for as long as you have. When you put this excitement together … it is beyond imaginings at this point ... yet it certainly bodes well for lifting the planet into its rightful position.
請想一想,這份激動之情目前就在你們的世界中贏得勢頭浩大的動力,你們所有了解事情即將轉變的人都深知如此。同時也結合了許多星星國度的激動之心,他們也和你們一樣等待這個幸福的時刻很久了。當你們把這份激動之情整合起來的時候。 。 。在這點上它完全會超出想像。 。 。不過它當然會預示著美好,把行星地球提升到它最佳的位置上。

It is indeed exciting. You have gained quite a fan club I might say. Of course there are those who are still very much asleep and those who are semi awake and semi sleeping. Those who are aware of you ... yet not too sure of your agenda. In other words quite a mixed bag of emotions concerning you!
這確實令人非常的激動。我想說你們已經獲得了大量的粉絲團。當然這裡還是有著一些依舊睡的很死的人,和那些處於半夢半醒狀態的人。那些了解你們的人。 。 。也不太確信你們的議程。換句話說就涉及你們而言混雜著各種情緒!

Many are saying that they want proof of our existence. We would suggest to those who feel this way to take to your computers and simply look into the matter more fully. For if it is proof they are looking for … there you will have it . ..on camera for all to see.
許多人正在說,他們希望得到我們存在的證據。我們想建議那些有這種想法的人走向你們的電腦,簡單的以更全面的方式調查這個問題。 (譯者:網絡上現在有這麼多UFO被目擊的報告,有這麼多的視頻,這些都是證據,即使有很多人說大多數是假的,那麼我想說一下,只要有一個是真的,那麼銀河聯邦的存在就確認無疑)。因為如果這就是他們所尋求的證據。 。 。那麼你就會得到。 。 。在視頻上讓所有人都能夠看到。

There are those naturally who have the proof within their hearts. There is no stronger proof than this dear ones. For inside of you lies all KNOWING. There are those who question our agenda. They have a caution and a right to do so … yet we would say categorically that we have a burning desire to assist in the raising of your planet and those upon it . This has been our quest for so long. This massive project we intend to see through ... and when it is done … how we shall rejoice … in friendship with one another. There will be no need for questioning of what or why. For our presence in your company shall put all minds at rest.

自然這裡也有著那些在心中已經尋找到證據的人。那麼對於這些親愛的朋友們來說就沒有比這個更強而有力的證據了。這裡也有著那些在懷疑我們議程的人。他們謹慎的同時也有權這麼做。 。 。不過我們想直截了當的說,我們有著一個熱情洋溢的願望---支持你們星球和那些居住其上的生靈的提升。這已經成為我們的任務很長時間了。這個我們希望充分了解的龐大計劃。 。 。當它被完成的時候。 。 。我們將會如何的歡慶呢。 。 。在彼此之間以友誼的方式。在那時就沒有必要再質疑為什麼或者為何如此了。因為我們陪伴著你們的友誼存在將讓所有人緊張的情緒都緩解。

There shall be a time when all doubt has to be removed. This we are working toward and have for many a year in your terms ... discussed the best way for this to take place … causing the least possible 'stress' for those who are still asleep. One never likes to waken one from a slumber in a fashion of great noise and turbulence. How much sweeter it is to gently coax one into awareness and softly announce 'it's time to wake up now'.

將會到來一個時刻,那時所有的質疑都將消散。這個我們正朝向的目標,以你們的表達方式來說已經進行了許多年。 。 。並充分的討論了最好的進行方式。 。 。對於那些依舊在沉睡中的人來說只引起最小可能的“壓力”。誰都不想以巨大的噪音和騷亂來喚醒正在熟睡中的人。以溫柔的方式誘導個體走向醒覺,不是顯得更加的甜蜜麼,溫柔的向他聲明:“嗨,該是醒來的時候了!”

So many of you are preparing for what is to come. Yet you become frustrated in the comparison between what you FEEL your world to be in now and that which you desire it to be in.


We have said to you that the process has begun and indeed it has. The changeover in various degrees of vibration is continually taking place as you are moving through it . Yet would you not say that there is a certain Knowing inside that we are ever closer ?


Well, yes … but I sometimes wonder if that is just because we are getting nearer to the end of the year and so expectancy is high .
好,是的。 。 。不過有時候我想知道是否僅僅是因為我們更加的接近今年的年尾,所以期望之情如此高漲。

And we would reply by saying that they are one and the same. All is in alignment and going according to plan. Your patience on this matter serves you well . Your hearts Knowing in this matter serve you well also … this is why you have the patience!
那麼我們的回答是都是一樣的。所有一切都在校準中,符合神性的計劃。你們的耐心在這個問題上服務的很好。你們的心中知道,這個事件也會很好的服務於你。 。 。這就是為何你們擁有此等的耐心!

Dearest friends ... for it is an honor to call you so … WE ARE ONE IN LOVE .

最親愛的朋友們。 。 。因為一種尊重而對你們說。 。 。我們都是處於愛中的整體。

There is nothing that can come between us . Nothing. The road has been long and the wait sometimes arduous for you. Yet … here you are, almost as we said … at the finishing line. FEEL us sending through to each one of you our message of what is to come . FEEL the reality of our friendship and our combined efforts bringing about this happening . FEEL us sending to you the visualisation of our greetings to one another and the celebrations that shall occur due to this .

在我們之間任何事情都無法介入其中。任何事情都不可能。這條道路確實漫長,有時候這個等待使你費盡心力。不過。 。 。現在你們就在。 。 。我們差不多想說。 。 。就在終點線了。請感受我們把即將來臨的信息送達給你們每個人。感受這種我們之間友誼的實質,我們聯合的努力正帶來這個偉大的發生。請通過送達這種敬意的觀想在彼此之間感受我們,歡慶的時刻將由此而發生。





This I know also. I'm feeling that its time. Thank you … so very much. Cheer ho for now. Over and out.. In love and thanks.
這點我也很清楚。我感覺到時候到了。謝謝你們。 。 。非常感謝。為今天而乾杯。通話完畢。在愛與感謝中。

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