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Blossom Goodchild - October 21, 2012
Hello my friends. These days I feel so 'on form'. I get so excited at the prospect of FEELING much Higher energies and how that will be. As it is ... I sometimes need bricks tied to my feet to keep me grounded … any comment?
問候,我的朋友們。這些天我感到“如此的良好”。對於更高能量的期待以及它會是什麼樣而感到非常的激動。那麼。 。 。我有時候甚至需要在腳上綁著磚頭才能讓自己不至於飛起來。 。 。你們有任何告知的信息麼?

We come to you IN/AS/THROUGH LOVE as we always have done. We too, are excited to witness that so many upon your planet are FEELING the same as yourself. We can see it through the colours that are vibrating so fervently and we watch also as they blend with the colours that are entering into your Earth.

Such joy is now resonating within so many that we FEEL it almost as if THE CHANGE has already taken place.


I notice you say almost

Indeed … For as you so correctly stated … that which you FEEL now and resonate with is so 'mild' in comparison to that which you are to remember to experience. It will FEEL so natural for each one … for it is so much nearer home … to the soul self.
是的。 。 。對你們來說這是正確的狀態。 。 。這也是你現在的感受,與這樣的“溫柔”相互共振,相比之下你即將回憶起自己該去體驗什麼。對於每個人來說這是如此的自然。 。 。因為對於靈魂本身來說。 。 。它是如此的更接近家園。

Allow that which is 'coming to you' to 'become you'. And yet we say … it is not that you are 'adding' to who you are … You are letting go of who you are not. To reveal … that which is already there .

允許這些“走向你”的“成為你”。而且我們要說。 。 。這並不是要你“添加”你是誰的一些特質。 。 。而是讓你放棄那些你所不是的一切。為了去揭示。 。 。已經在那裡的一切。

That's interesting. I hadn't looked at it like that ….
這非常有趣。我還沒有這麼看呢。 。 。

By stripping away the layers that no longer serve ... you are presenting to yourself and ALL … WHO YOU ARE.
通過去掉那些不再服務於你的層面。 。 。你就在不斷呈現你自己的本質和所有--你是誰--的本質。

As you walk into your TRUTH … as you FEEL the very essence of that TRUTH … you recognize that of which you spoke ... The elation of the self ... from the self ... more rapidly now as 'it all begins to fall into place'… Do you understand the process?

由於你能夠行走在自己的真理中。 。 。由於你感受到這種真理的本質。 。 。你確認自己說過的話。 。 。自我的快樂。 。 。源於你自身。 。 。現在“全部開始落實到位”而更迅速的呈現。 。 。你能夠理解這個進程麼?

It is no accident that those of you who have been awakened are ready now in the forefront of what is coming … to BE THERE.

世上沒有意外。 。那些已經覺醒的人現在就處在最前線。 。 。走向那方。


走向那方。 。 。那裡是你所注定要去的。

Many of you are settling in new places or finding that circumstances may be preventing you from being where you thought you were meant to be. It is simply that you are being stationed in the position in which you desire (d) to be when the change comes upon you.


It's all so mystical. So intriguing. I understand now that we 'can't know' until we 'do know' … but this 'change' you speak of … for me … I think of it as a change within the self … becoming a far more Enlightened Being … yet at the same time … imagining quite a change upon the planet also.
這都顯得很神秘呢。非常的吸引人。我知道現在我們真的理解之前還無法真正懂得。 。 。不過這個由你們對我說的“轉變”。 。 。我認為它是一種內在本然的改變。 。 。變成一位遠遠更開悟的存在。 。 。然而也在同一時刻。 。 。想像著會有多麼大的改變發生在這顆星球之上。

What is to be presented to you … will have each one of you behaving in a fashion in which they have accustomed themselves to become over the last years of this decade. This is why we speak of looking back and seeing how far you have come. How much you have evolved in to the 'LIGHTNESS' of yourselves. All of this preparation has been to have you in the correct alignment with that which is to impose upon you.
那些即將在你們面前呈現的。 。 。將讓你們每個人多少有一點與這十年來自己所習慣於的一切相比較。這也是為何我們要求你們回顧一下,你已經走了多麼遠。在你自身的“明亮”中你已經進化了多麼高深。所有這些準備工作都被用於讓你正確的調整自己與那即將在你身上“強加”的美好校準。

Impose? Sure about that word?

We would speak of it in the terms of 'IT WILL HAPPEN'. There is nothing that is going to prevent this change from happening.

Are you talking of 'The Change' as the same thing as the 'Big Event' that you have spoken of?

Indeed we are. For when this BIG EVENT takes place … WHEN it does … it can only bring with it GREAT CHANGE … FOR ALL.
是的,我們肯定。因為當這個大事件發生的時候。 。 。當它到來了。 。 。它僅能夠一同帶來對於所有一切的巨大改變。 。 。

Will there be 'signs' for us as to when it is to occur … or will it take us by surprise?

It will depend entirely upon the individual. Many will KNOW of its coming … Their energy will FEEL it in the air ... so to speak. Yet there shall be many that will not be of a frequency that can pick up on its vibration . .. therefore … for many it will come as a great surprise.
這將完全依賴於個人。許多人會在它到來的時候就明白。 。 。他們的能量將會在空氣中感受到它。 。可以這麼說。那麼這裡也會有許多的人還沒有達到能夠迎接它所帶來振動的頻率層次。 。 。那麼。 。 。對於許多人來說它將帶來一個巨大的驚喜。

Sometimes I feel like a kid at Christmas … I can see the huge present all wrapped up … I just can't possibly guess what's inside. I try and imagine all sorts of things … yet until I open it … I won't TRULY KNOW . I have just heard the words of a song 'Look look look to the rainbow'.
有時候,我感覺自己就像一個過聖誕節的孩子。 。 。我能夠看到這些巨大的禮物全都包好了。 。 。我只是還無法猜到裡面的禮品。我嘗試並想像著全部的可能性。 。 。但是直到我真的打開它之前。 。 。我都不可能真正的明白。我剛剛聽到一首歌裡所唱的那樣“看吧,看吧,看向彩虹”。

These shall be signs. Once again we speak of 'unusual rainbows'. There shall be images in the skies that are not of your regular day to day sightings.

I don't know if this is my imagination running away with me or not … yet I am seeing/imagining right now … great cloud formations that are definite SIGNS of SOMETHING … because of the FEELING we will get when we are watching them 'move /change. A sort of FEELING of great anticipation … yet of the most wondrous kind. Is this me getting carried away?
我不知道,如果這是我想像的能力走神了或者不是。 。 。不過此刻我正看到/想像。 。 。巨大雲的形態,它一定是某種事物的確認跡象。 。 。因為當我們觀察它們移動/改變的時候所帶來的感受。有一種巨大的期待感。 。 。然而也是最奇妙的類型。這是我忘乎所以麼?

It is one of the many reasons you were chosen to work with us … because you ARE able to pick up on such images that we send through to you . Just by the FEELING that came with what we showed you … do you see WHY? WHY we are so very excited FOR YOU ALL about what is to come?
這是你曾經選擇與我們一同工作的許多原因中的一個。 。 。因為你能夠拾取這類的畫面,由我們發送給你。僅僅通過這種由我們向你展現出的感受。 。 。你知道是為什麼麼?即將向你們所有人展現的這一切為何讓我們如此的激動麼?

If you put it like that … YES! Because it FELT so AWESOME. So … for want of an adequate word … 'reverent'(?). I know this may seem farfetched for some … but as if the clouds would part and there before us would be … THE LIGHT … and I'm talking … THEE LIGHT!
如果你們是那麼說的話。 。 。是的!因為它給我的感覺就是這麼的讚!所以。 。 。為了尋找一個合適的詞語。 。 。 “敬畏的”。我知道這對於一些人來說有些靠不住。 。 。不過就像雲彩會分離一樣,這樣的情形對於我們也是一樣。 。 。這股光芒。 。 。我正提到的是。 。 。汝等的光芒!

Dearest souls … breathe. When your eyes feast upon such wonders that you are to behold … do remember to breathe … for such happenings shall be so breath taking … that one may forget!
最親愛的靈魂們。 。 。請呼吸吧。當你們的眼睛享受著這等的奇蹟的時候,你們即將看到的。 。 。請記得要呼吸。 。 。因為這樣的發生將會讓一個人忘記了呼吸!

I know White Cloud has said in the past that when 'your ships' eventually appear in the skies, some folk will leave their physical body with the shock of it all. This makes sense now as to why you are saying 'remember to breathe. '
我知道White Cloud在過去就已經說過,當“你們的飛船”最終在天空出現的時候,一些人將震驚到如靈魂出體了一般。所以對於你們剛才為何要說“請記得要呼吸”是很有感觸的。

And we say to you that with the intake of breath you will quite literally feel a Euphoria taking place.

Struth … I feel like I am 'lifting off' as I write! Whoa Neddy!
啊哈。 。 。我都感到自己“飛起來了”就在我記錄的時候!喔~~~天啊!

Yet we shall continue for we know you are well and grounded. As this change takes place within you … THIS is when you recognise ​​your 'old' self … yet it will have become the NEW self … once again!
但是我們還是要繼續說,因為我們知道你狀態很好。由於這種你們內在改變的發生。 。 。這是在你確認出你們自身“陳舊”自我的時候。 。 。然而它將獲得全新的自我。 。 。再一次的!

We have spoken of many times that you shall recall gifts that are YOU … yet have been hidden away.

我們已經說過很多次,你們應該召回那些屬於你之所是的禮物。 。 。但是卻一直被隱藏著。

Some reasoning of this is due to the dismissal of one's TRUE Light due to the density of energy upon your planet and in which you have had to reside for eons upon eons. Other reasoning's are because of one needing to be in the correct 'status' to enjoy them … For if one remembered of them when in a lesser state of grace … they may have been used to create havoc and to give of rewards to the self that were not deserved and therefore much … so very much … could have gone awry … as has come about in days of old.

其中的一些原因,是因為個人的真實光芒由於你們星球上稠密能量的削弱,在其中你們已經不得不棲息了億萬年。其他的因素是因為一些人需要達到“正確的狀態”來享受它們。 。 。因為一個人如果在一個較次的恩典狀態回憶起它們。 。 。這個層次也許是他們一直以來習慣於去製造破壞,在自己不應當的情況下為了自私的原因獲得了回報。 。 。那麼很多。 。 。非常多的可能會偏離正道。 。 。由於他們過去的經歷。

Dearest friends … allow your hearts to swell with pleasure. Let it BE A PLEASURE TO BE ALIVE.

最親愛的朋友們。 。 。請允許你的心靈在愉悅中增長。讓它在鮮活的本質中獲得愉悅。

KNOW that there are so many, many souls that do not have THE PLEASURE to reside upon your Earth plane at such an avid moment in your time ...

要明白這裡有著許許多多的靈魂居住在你們的地球行星上並沒有獲得愉悅,在你們的時刻來說這樣一種渴望的時刻。 。 。

(Avid seems a wrong word here … yet it would not go away!)

Yet they are with you … WE ARE ALL WITH YOU. Waiting so very patiently for this HUGE OCCURANCE that is on its way.
但是他們還是和你們一起。 。 。我們全都和你在一起。以非常的耐心在等待著這個【巨大的發生】呈現於自己。

Oh I do so hope you are right and that I am right in what is coming through me from you! I think if we found ourselves come next May still waiting and hoping … well … let's just not go there.
哦~~~我真的希望你們是對的,而且由我傳遞你們的信息也是正確的!我認為如果我們在接下來的日子裡依舊發現自己在等待和期望。 。 。好的。 。 。讓我們僅僅不要走到那裡把。


??? You are saying nothing.

We are not going there!

Whah! Your humour has come on in leaps and bounds. That cracked me up!!
哈哈!你們的幽默已經得到了很大發展麼。讓我笑壞了! !

May we say it took quite a bit of deciphering over the years to 'Get it' … but I think now we have.
容許我們這麼表達,它花了很多的年的時間來解密才得以“獲得它”。 。 。但是現在我認為我們得到了。

(Interesting they said … but 'I' think now we have. I did not pick up on this until reading it back.)

After that little beauty I would tend to agree. As you know I will be taking a little break due to my trip to America. Yet I so look forward to resuming with you when I get back. That is providing of course … you don' t drop me down a winch and hoik me northward for a quick and free 'Around the Universe' trip!
在那段小美好之後我樂意同意。如你們所知,我在美國的旅行之後可以稍微倒一口氣了。不過我也十分的期待在我回來之後與你們再度談話。這也是當然的情況。 。 。你們也完全不會放棄我或者催促我盡快結束旅行! (譯者:通靈者將在最近幾天去美國的Sedona旅行,與其他的通靈者一起進行接洽,集合更高的能量)

Either way … we shall be in your heart … and the hearts of those who wish us to be there.
不管以什麼樣的方式。 。 。我們將一直在你的心中。 。 。同時還有那些在心裡希望我們伴隨左右的人們。

Where? In our hearts ... or Sedona?!!
在哪?在我們的心中。 。 。還是在Sedona? ! !


You are again saying nothing??? Oh I see …
你們又什麼都不說了? ? ?哦~~我明白了。 。 。

We are not going there …
我們還沒到那裡。 。 。 。

Yet again … I am on to your humour/cleverness. For I could take that in a few different ways.
不過再一次的。 。 。我已經很樂於享受你們的幽默/聰穎了。而我也可以以不同的方式領會它了。

And this is our intent.

We leave you now and retract from your energy … with much happiness for the time we have spent this day with you … and indeed with each one of you as you read these words and allow us in to your hearts ... which makes our connection with you so strong and secure and LOVED.

我們現在離開你,從你的能量中收回自己。 。 。帶著此刻的巨大幸福感我們今天與你非常愉快的交談。 。 。當然還有每一位和你一樣讀到這些話語的人們,請允許我們走入你們的心中。 。 。這讓我們與你們進行連接,如此的強烈與安全,同時被深深的愛著。

AND LOVE YOU WE DO … 'AIN'T NO DOUBT ABOUT IT. Thank you so very much for the joy you bring.
我們也同樣愛著你們。 。 。對於這點毫無疑問。非常感謝你們帶來的喜悅。

Thank YOU for the joy WE RECEIVE.

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