揚升大師Serapis Bey - 永遠不要忘記你是誰 10月26日-11月2日

NEVER Forget Who YOU Are
Ascended Master, Serapis Bey’s Weekly Message
October 26 – November 02, 2012
Channeled by: Julie Miller
October 26, 2012

翻譯:Nick Chan

As you move forward along your journey that brings forth unforgettable challenges you will go through many death and rebirths. You go through a moment or two of confusion, you figure things out, you heal, you gain deep insights and you begin to grow and discover a newness – a rebirth of you, letting go of some old outdated ways in order to make room for more light and love filled ways of being and doing that allows you to demonstrate the pure love that is always shining outwardly from your beautiful and divine heart .

Your evolution, your growth is not to just become better each waking day, it is to learn through the stages that will awaken and grow your consciousness into higher dimensions. As you grow and evolve through the symbolic events that are personal to each of you, the knowledge gained is not based on what is predictable, but from all that you have encountered; the good and the bad, a balance that has the capability to direct you farther and to propel your driven nature to be more than just better, to become the Master you were always meant to be of yourself.

During many challenging moments you may find yourself feeling overwhelmed by grief, stagnant, even hopeless, and often a feeling of confusion; your questions not being answered no matter how hard you look. These are processing stages dear ones and there are many others that each of you enter and must enter in order to move forward. There is no time on how long you must stay at every stage or process. That depends on you. We of the Divine see many dear souls become very frustrated during these phases. They forget it is at these times when they must hold onto their faith, in themselves and in God. God already knows you can succeed; it is you that must believe this, heart and soul. Jesus has taught you, your journey was going to be tough but it would be worth it as you reach Oneness with yourself, the Divine Trinity and the Universe.

Once you begin to pull yourself out of the stage where you felt you were going in circles, you find areas in your life has changed, however slight there is change and it is this change that brings you forward once again. Don't look at what others are doing and monitor your own progressions by their movements. Each of you will progress as you are meant to. Watching someone else move ahead can be discouraging. Focus on your growth with the pure intent that is based on unconditional love and you also will move ahead. There will be times when the ones you have been watching find themselves at a standstill and you will move forward. There is no race dear ones, no competition lives within the heart that is reaching Oneness, there is a heartbeat of unity with all that is.

Every time you do leave behind a stagnant moment you are always re-entering newer, and reborn. Death does not always come when your physical body expires; death comes when you have moved on and let go the heavy burdens of past experiences, old teachings, aged ways of being in exchange for new light filled gifts of Hope, Faith, Love, new experiences, new love filled teachings, and so much more. There are some dear souls that when they realize they have rebirthed themselves, they go through a little ceremony, paying respect to what they are leaving behind, and welcoming in the new. This is a matter of choice, how each of you close one chapter to begin the next is very personal and no one's way is better than another's.

All tr​​ansformational stages can bring discomfort. A feeling of a need to push against another force that is not quite ready is often felt. It is not a painful discomfort dear ones, just a settling of energy that is preparing your entire being; mind, body , heart and spirit for what is coming next. There is no predetermined length of time for any transformation; all is individual – depending on where you are on your path and where you are planning to go. Once the discomfort of upcoming developments have disappeared many dear souls find themselves suddenly angry when once were calm and peaceful. The renewal of your inner strength and power can be quite unsettling. The energy taking hold is supporting the changes that are fast approaching and when you surrender to the process of your own rebirth then the tension dissipates and knowledge begins to trickle in slowly at first and with readiness all that had just transpired becomes known. Sometimes dear ones the information you wish to learn brought on from the transformation experience can take several days or longer to be understood. Do not fret. Let it come and enjoy the process of your becoming.

You do live in a world that is often imbalanced. Through the imbalanced of those around you in the community on a global scale understand dear ones, your inner feelings; your energy has an impact on others. You do not need to speak to anyone else for your energy to be felt. During any transformation you undergo, we urge you to be aware of your energy, your emotions and feelings. Yes, they are yours and you are responsible for the energy you put out into the world. When you are feeling alone and uncertain; find a way to channel your feelings, your frustrations, anger or anxieties that is healthy and non-combative.

It is recommended to practice positive self-talk and self-care. Love yourself. When you catch yourself arguing with yourself, like many do reply with I AM affirmations, remind yourself God loves you and God is with you. Seek my love, guidance and support when despair tries to sink into your heart. I will stand with you, guide you to loving solutions that will direct you back to the Light and Love of God. Every instance gives opportunity to make choices dear ones, especially during the most trying of times. Learn to shift your concentration on the more positive side of things and apply doing what will bring you closer to what you are aiming to achieve. From learning to discipline your never-ending thinking mind you become more focused on each task that excites you. You learn to take control of the negative side and find yourself becoming less overwhelmed and more balanced once again.
這是建議去練習積極的自我對話和自理。愛你自己。當你發現自己與自己在爭辯,就像很多人那樣用我是(I AM)的肯定來回覆,提醒自己神愛著你,神與你同在。當絕望試圖侵入你的心時尋求我的愛、指引和支持。我將與你站在一起,將你導向愛的解決方案,它將指引你回歸神的愛與光。每個情況給予了作出選擇的機會,親愛的,特別是在最艱難的時期。學會將你的注意力轉向事物更積極的一面,請求行動會讓你更接近於你打算實現的目標。從學習自律你那思考永無止境的大腦,會變得更加專注於讓你興奮的每一個任務。你會學會控制消極的一面,發現自己變得不那麼不堪重負和再次地更加平衡。

Part of the inner balance dear ones is taking notice when you become outrageously positive, and less authentic. This usually happens when someone is trying to fit in, they may say things or do things out of character. There are some dear souls that can see through such veneer. This being inauthentic is not a way that a person can carry for too long before they become even more doubtful and often find themselves in denial of their own words. Balance is key dear ones. By taking a good honest look at what you are feeling, why you are behaving a particular way provides you with the opportunity to learn and make the necessary corrections to bring yourself back into perfect alignment with all of your SELF.

After your rebirth, no matter how many times you have transformed you find yourself sitting in the middle of the scale – balancing out any excesses that may be lingering. From the middle, you can clearly exercise the power of your SELF that has no fear and understands all is eternal. You do need to allow all excess, any lingering residue of discord to come and go without being distracted by any negative force it may be attached to and never for a moment forgetting who you are.

Your journey will bring you to other people, you will discover many dear souls that you feel a deep and profound connection, possibly a past life brother, a sister from another time; a bond you will find instant. Your connections all have reason and purpose . Some of these soul connections do not last long, but they come with valuable insight for your own path and journey. It is through these relationships where trust is formed and given that you share your deepest feelings, your experiences with others that are genuinely interested . These relationships help aid and validate your own expanding truths. These people who you begin to build a relationship with may not live within the same place of residence, you connection is through your heart and you find ways to communicate. Support and love is built through these soul groups and through them further, deeper understanding of yourself often takes place. When your journey brings you to such individuals, look at these relationships you are building as evidence that you truly are not alone.

Through many opportunities given to you over a period of time, you do awaken to your soul and divine mission. Sometimes this journey you are on will take unexpected turns, but each path you embark will assuredly bring you to more information that will becomes stored for future use. The knowledge you will gain is immeasurable. It will feel as if the world has suddenly opened its knowledge for you to come and explore its many treasures and delights. Understand dear ones, your soul mission will always be within areas where you find the greatest comfort, where your honed and mastered talents can be applied and where you feel HOME.

Be patient dear ones. We are aware of many who have not yet discovered their divine purpose or maybe only part of it. Know dear ones that each of you will achieve all that you are meant to. Embrace where you are right now, you are not lacking for anything because all you have and need is already with you. And what you have cannot be bought, but it is freely given and that is love. And with love there is hope, followed by faith and kindness towards yourself and all others .

Love and respect each other. There is much to gain when you are able to work together. Your comprehension of universal loves becomes deeper after each death/rebirth process. Take the time if you can dear ones to feel each and every energy particle move and change no matter how subtle. Rejoice knowing your becoming is of your own construction and what we see is breathtaking.

I AM Ascended Master Serapis Bey through Julie Miller
我是揚升大師Serapis Bey(古埃及神)




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