揚升大師Hilarion - 10月13日-20日信息

October 13-20, 2013

Beloved Ones,

The heavens smile down upon the Earth as she moves into alignment with her destiny. Seen from the higher realms, the wonder of this movement is beyond reckoning. The celestial movements that are occurring and will continue to occur bring transformation of the highest order. The old ways are fast becoming just a dream and new beginnings are ripe with potential. These are times spoken of through the ages and it is now here at last. First it begins on the etheric energy levels and filters its way into every facet of life and living upon your planet. Profound change and transformation is wending its way into every cell of existence and the Earth is being prepared for a grand ceremony.



All the teeming chaos that seems to erupt is only chasing the shadows as they go. Behind them comes something wonderful, something magnificent, something humanity has envisioned in its heart of hearts. The new reality is moving into place and its movement into your lives is quiet, graceful and filled with peaceful joy and contentment. More moments of the frequency of bliss and ecstasy are becoming more commonplace amongst those of you who have waited long for these moments. Tune in and tune up, Dear Ones, for this is only the beginning. Each soul discovers truly, all that was needed is within them and they are the ones who make it happen in their outer reality. The denser energies are fast departing leaving behind the anticipation of the new.

Life is simultaneously accelerating and slowing down, for as you move into greater alignment with your own Holy Christ Self, you are attuned to your crystalline core which resonates joyously with the new crystalline grid that hums and thrums and sings its joyous tones into the atmosphere and out into the Universe. The realms of grace wash over the planet and every particle of life is permeated with this glorious substance, this fiery love from Creator's heart. Love IS the greatest force in the Universe and it opens up all hearts to beat as one as all inhabitants awaken to the remembrance of their own magnificence.

You, Beloved Ones, are the catalysts, the ones who have created this momentous undertaking that looms poignantly before you. And the energies fall upon each of you and the rest of humanity as a benediction. The way forward is through your heart portal. The connection must take place within your heart. Breathe with and through your heart, learn the heart breath. Become the benevolent and shadowless ones who walk the Earth blessing everyone and everything upon its surface and below. Let your constant refrain become, “let me a blessing be, let me a blessing be”. You are the anointed ones, who have endured many trials and tribulations, passed many grueling tests to arrive at this juncture. You are ready and you know what must be done when each moment arrives.
你,摯愛的親人們,就是這些催化劑,這些已經創造這份極其重要事業的人,它正由你們勤勞的雙手編織著。同時這股能量降臨到你們每個人的身上,而其他的人類也以一種賜福的方式接收著。前方的道路便是要通過你自我心靈的門戶來實現。與你內心的連接必須發生。請讓呼吸的氣息流經你的心,學會以心靈去呼吸。成為這位仁慈且不含有陰影的人,你行走在地球上,表裡如一的祝福著每個人與每件事物。請讓你恆久的副歌成為,“讓我成為一個帶來祝福的人,讓我成為一個帶來福佑的人。” 你們都是以神聖受洗自身的人,已經忍受過許多的痛苦與磨難,為了抵達這個緊要關頭通過了許多的疲勞測試。你已準備好,你已明白在每個來臨的時刻什麼需要完成。

The Light is spreading exponentially across the face of your planet and it is unstoppable. YOU are that Light, you hold the vision, the potential within your beautiful hearts and you rise into the heavens on angel wings. This is how heaven is anchored on Earth and it begins in earnest. All human angels now unite their efforts to bring heaven on Earth. Goodness begets goodness and magic is the order of each day. ​​Open your eyes and see with your heart. Spread your wings and fly, children of the Light ! Rejoice and let your hearts be at peace.

Until next week…
I AM Hilarion

©2013 Marlene Swetlishoff/Tsu-tana (Soo-tam-ah) Keeper of the Symphonies of Grace

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