揚升大師Hilarion - 11月10日-17日信息

November 10-17, 2013

Beloved Ones,

You are coming into a time of much accelerated change that will keep the world in a state of alternating and sometimes, confusing realities. It is for these times that we have been preparing each of you to always remain calm and in a state of physical, mental and emotional equilibrium, into moving forward in the mastery of your own coping mechanisms and the abilities and skills that have been honed throughout your spiritual path to becoming a dweller in the higher dimensions. This you are doing magnificently and victoriously and the results are now beginning to be felt, experienced and manifested in your individual lives. The importance of a disciplined mind cannot be underestimated as you accept and adapt to the many unexpected events that will keep humanity and their planet riding the waves of transformation.


你們正進入到有著許多加速改變的時刻,它會使得這個世界處於交疊狀態的同時,有時候會顯得使人迷惑的現實中。 就是為了這些時刻我們一直在讓你們每個人準備著,保持冷靜,同時讓身體,精神和情緒處於一種均衡的狀態,走向對你在自我整個靈性旅程當中所磨練的應對機制,能力和技能的精通,而成為一位更高維度的居民。 這一點你們都做的非常好且很成功,同時這個結果此刻也開始在你個人的生活中被感受,體驗和顯現。 一種對自我意識訓誡的重要性不可低估,因為你在對許多不可預期的事件接納與調整,它將持續讓人類和他們的星球馳騁在轉變的浪潮中。

You are moving quickly into the roles that you are each destined to play as the planet aligns with the center of the universe and moves into its new position. Your intent to experience the world you walk on as peaceful, loving and harmonious will bring these qualities into your field of possibilities. Your days of floundering in the energies of the void, the unknown, are now coming to an end and as the solar flares and winds erupt with their codes and sacred geometry, your process of remembrance will no longer be denied . You are each coming into your own power, the power of love tempered with the qualities of mercy and compassion. You have all that you need to anchor in the new templates.
你們正迅速的進入這個你們每位注定要扮演的角色,而這顆星球正與宇宙之心校準對齊,進入到它全新的位置中。 你們行走其中的這個世界,作為你們意圖體驗的將以和平,充滿愛與和諧的方式帶來這些品質進入到你們可能性的場域中。 在這些虛幻,不可知能量中掙扎的日子此刻即將結束,同時由於太陽耀斑和太陽風的噴發攜帶著它們的編碼和神聖幾何的作用,你回憶的過程將不再被拒絕。 你們每個人都在走向自我的力量,這股愛的力量涵蓋著慈悲與同情的品質。 為了錨定全新的模版你有著所需的一切。

As humanity rushes headlong into new fields of potential, the world leads the charge to meld with its own magnificent destiny in synchronistic and miraculous movement. That which was once hidden is now being revealed and a great many puzzle pieces fall into place. There will be no time to rest on your laurels, however, as the times demand the activation of your unique abilities and greater self discipline will be necessary to wend your way through this passage into the light. The portals of awakening are lit from within you and you come into the understanding of the marvelous capacity your own physical body holds for healing and regeneration. Through intent of the highest order, accelerated metamorphosis begins in earnest.
由於人類奮力的沖向潛能新的領域,這個世界融合它自身宏偉的使命以同步和不可思議的活動引領衝刺。 曾經隱藏的此刻都被揭示,同時大量拼圖的碎片都在回歸其本位。 將不再有時間讓你“不思進取”,而是要求對你獨一無二能力的激活,同時更高層次的自我訓誡將被需要來允許你行走在通往光明的通路。 覺醒之門從你的內在被點燃,同時你了解了自己身體為了治愈和再生所擁有的非凡能力。 經由最高秩序的意圖,加速的蛻變開始於一顆誠摯的心。

Stay balanced in all circumstances and breathe deeply many times each day by filling your lungs to capacity and sending it deeper into your root chakra, holding the breath and then breathing out all that is stagnant energy, to energize your light body which overlights and interpenetrates your bone structure. Send love to all the cells and atoms of your physical vessel, your temple of the most high. Harmonize, harmonize, harmonize! Remember that wherever you walk, you are blessing, blessing, blessing, whether your waking consciousness is aware of this or not.
在所有的情形中都保持平衡,每天都花很多的時間深深的呼吸,讓平衡之光充滿你的胸腔,再發送它深入到你的海底輪,屏住呼吸,隨後呼出所有污濁的能量,充能你的光體並看著它異常明亮的光芒照亮與滲透進你骨骼的系統。 發送愛給所有的細胞和你身體載具中的原子,你最神聖的殿堂。 協調,和諧,調和! 請記住不論走到哪裡,你就是祝福,賜福和使神聖顯化的角色,不論你的顯意識了解與否。

There is an element of excitement and anticipation in the air around you and the activation of knowledge long hidden within your DNA now lights up your spinal column. The switches are turned on and you can actually visualize these internal switches along your spine and chakra centers, seeing your hand turn on the light switch all the way to the crown. Find suitable mantras to repeat often to help stay focused in your intent to raise the vibration of your thoughts, words, deeds and ultimately, your body. Let the joy of each moment bless you constantly as you move about your day.
在圍繞你們的空氣中含有著一種激動與期待的元素,而且此刻長久以來被封存在你DNA中的知識的激活也點燃了你的脊柱。 開關已經打開,同時你能夠切實的觀想這些內在的開關沿著你的脊椎和脈輪中心,看著你的手打開這些光之按鈕,一路開啟直達頂輪。 請尋找一些合適的真言不斷的重複念誦來保持你自身意圖的焦點,提高你思維,話語,行為的振動,最後是你的身體。 請在你行走在每天的生活中時讓每個喜悅的時刻不斷的祝福你。

Until next week…
I AM Hilarion

©2013 Marlene Swetlishoff/Tsu-tana (Soo-tam-ah) Keeper of the Symphonies of Grace

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